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Be careful while driving in Karachi or your traffic challan will reach your home

Karachi traffic police


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Be careful Karachiites! Traffic Violation Evidence System (TVES) has started operating in Karachi. At first, Lahore was the only city in Pakistan experimenting with such electronic systems, but now Karachi is following the suit too. Karachi traffic police will send you a printed evidence of traffic violation if you dare to violate the Karachi traffic rules now. Many traffic challans along with photo evidence have been dispatched to the respective vehicle owners’ houses through courier in Karachi.

Traffic Police official, Idrees, said that those who do not pay the Challans will face legal actions. For defaulters who have changed their home, advertisements will be given in newspapers asking them to contact the traffic police. We will also try to catch the defaulters by giving their list to traffic police so that they can be traced during routine checking. He also said that the defaulter won’t be able to sell/transfer his car to someone else until and unless he doesn’t clear all his dues.

Working of TVES

The entire TVES (Traffic Violation Evidence System) process is being hoped to work efficiently. Closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras are being installed in various locations. They will help the Karachi traffic police to get a clear recording of the traffic violations, along with the number plates of violators’s vehicles. Then the essential information regarding the violators will be collected from the Citizens Police Liaison Committee (CPLC) database using their license plate numbers.

Do you know: In 2014, Karachi had an estimated population of more than 23.7 million, which made it the third-largest city in the world by population within the city limits. (Source: World Population Review)

Once enough evidence has been collected, it will then be sent to the TVES cell, which is currently working at the traffic police’s headquarters in Garden. If it appears that the vehicle owner has wrongfully worked outside of the traffic law, then immediately a ticket will be dispatched to his/her house address.

The tickets will be delivered by traffic police officials to the violator’s home via courier services. To provide violators with convenience, there are several locations present where they can pay their fines quickly like Kharadar, Secretariat, Saddar, Cantt, City, Sea view, Haq Nawaz and many more.

Alternatively, In areas where the CCTV coverage is inadequate or non-existent, mobile units manned by the officers and officials of Traffic Police will be taking photographs of offending motor vehicles in areas.

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