Pakistani Muslim woman joins the Las Vegas police department

farhat zahoor abbasi


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Farhat Zahoor Abbasi has become the first Pakistani to join the Las Vegas Police Department. She scored 6th position among the applicants and completed the training with a gold medal. She has been living in the U.S for fourteen years now. She belonged to Malkot village of Abbottabad and got her education in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. She got married to a maxillofacial surgeon, who is also a Major of the US military reserve force. She is forty years old and a mother of three.

Occupied in her household tasks, she considered hunting down profession alternatives. Looking through the web she got through a hiring declaration of Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) on twitter and applied for it.

Lucky her, she got an email asking for her availability at the physical test. Farhat Zahoor said,

When I got the email I was like, is there no age limit for this? Didn’t they see that I was born in 1973!.

Farhat went for the physical and the written. She cleared all the tests and then came the most difficult test: the oral board. Oral board is thought to be the hardest part of all. It is a two hours long interview. Farhat remembers her training in the academy saying,

I was asked so many questions, some that I found so silly that I used to laugh. They wanted to know if women were allowed to drive in Pakistan if we were authorized to go to school or go out without a veil etc. Many times I used to show them our pictures and Google Pakistan’s fashion shows and actresses.

Do you know: In New York's police history, first time a Pakistani-American, Waheed Akhtar was appointed as a Captain in the New York City Police Department (NYPD). (Source: The News)

She likewise demonstrated her academy colleagues what Pakistani hospitality is, serving them with heavenly desi nourishment. She says they thought Pakistani men are all about throwing acid on women’s faces because that’s all our Oscar award winners show to people. She said I told them that Pakistan has lost 80,000 civilian lives in the war on terror. Farhat always dreamed of serving her community in which she had grown up, who gave her all the respect and love. She requested,

I need prayers from everyone for my successful career with Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

Farhat further adds that she is a proud Pakistani, and she will never hide it. She loves highlighting herself as a Pakistani at every opportunity given to her, and this is the only way she can play her role in breaking the stereotypes about Pakistan and Pakistanis.

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