10 things every husband should do to make his wife happy



Hira Faraz
3 minutes read

Many husbands find their wives to be so complicated. As a friend of mine once heard his wife complaining about her need to exercise, he bought her a gym membership on her birthday. And that was when the fight began! No wonder why husbands are so confused about how to make their wives happy! The skirmishes between husband and wife are not a matter of surprise as it is but natural. However, if you are looking for some tips to make your wife happy, here are the 10 proven things that can never let you down!

1. Always Compliment her

When your wife tries a new outfit or just has a new hair cut, notice and compliment her. When you are with friends, tell them how caring and loving she is. How amazingly she manages her home and work, and how much you like her caring nature.

2. Tell her you love her

Every day and every night tell your wife how much you love her. I guarantee you it never loses its power, and the charm of listening it again and again is just out of this world. Make sure she believes you!

3. Talk to each other

A sincere advice for all the husbands out there, please don’t allow yourself to get so busy that you could not spend even 10 minutes in a day talking to your wife. And yeah, that last 10 minutes of your day when you’re totally exhausted do not count by the way.

Do you know: Due to jobs and family responsibilities, the average married couples spend just four minutes a day together. (Source: Random Facts)

4. Take your wife on a dinner date

Let her know you care about her and want to hear everything that has happened the whole day over a romantic dinner. If you have children, leave them with their grandparents for an hour or two.

5. Help your wife with the household chores

If you want to piss off your wife, say something like “Oh, ajj suraj kahan se nikla hai, begum kaam kar rahee hain” But if you want to make her happy just help her with some household chores like hanging your clothes or putting your shoes inside the shoe rack. Your wife will be incredibly thankful.

6. Bring her an unexpected gift

Women love gifts, whether its something small or big it really doesn’t matter at all. Surprise your beautiful wife with her favorite flowers or chocolates.

7. Hold her hand

Some women don’t prefer public display of love and affection, but when in an appropriate situation, reach out and hold her hand. This little gesture will make her walk confidently and that too with a bigger smile.

8. Write her love letters

You don’t have to be a poet; true feelings are what that matter the most. Write down the things you love about her; like how much you love the dimple on her cheek when she laughs. You can hide these little notes in her bag, under her coffee mug. She’ll be surprised and treasure your words for years and years.

9. Don’t dare flirt with her female friends

If you think flirting or being friendly with her female friends will impress your wife and will make her think how amazing you are, think again!

10. Let her free

And last but not the least, being her husband you are the one who can help her live her dreams.Support her!

Words and actions have great impact on how your better half feels every day. Remember, doing everything that makes her happy is a means to ensure a successful marriage.

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