Earth Hour: 60 minutes of light-out dedicated for the protection of Motherland

Earth Hour


Sadaf Sher
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Earth hour is celebrated each year in the month of March, right at the time when Spring followed by Autumn is around the corner. This year it’s celebrated on 19th of March between 8:30 PM and 9:30 PM with the theme ‘ChangeClimateChange’. This particular hour, lights are expected to be turned off by everyone including offices, households and individuals.

This is done in order to show solidarity with earth and the changes it had to bear due to industrialization and technological revolution. It is celebrated all across the world with millions of people participating in the event. While this is the seventh year Pakistan’s been celebrating this very day.

Main Purpose

The main purpose behind this event on such a large-scale is to highlight the alarming figures of energy crisis and climate change. The carbon emission and ozone depletion have cast a spell on our planet Earth. So this day is more of highlighting the importance of the said things rather than actually reducing the emission of carbon in this one hour event (which is obviously not possible). So it is more of a symbolic representation than realization of the idea.

The world today have changed a great deal than the one that we had got which was in its perfect shape with abundant natural resources and next–to-non pollution environment. Saving the planet for future generations is our utmost obligation because they too deserve to live in a better environment.

Earth hour is started with an incentive to encourage the people to take the responsibility on individual as well as collective level to formulate ideas and solutions that could benefit and protect the planet Earth in real sense.

Do you know: The group behind Earth hour movement comprises of only 11 members based in Singapore. While the concept of Earth Hour is operational in 172 countries around the world through their efforts. (Source: Earthhour)

It was first started in Sydney as ‘Lights-off event’ in 2007. With time the concept became worldwide engaging more than 7000 cities and towns. Originally the idea struck Andy Ridley who later on partnered with World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Australia, in order to address the pressing issue of climate change.

According to the conception, as the clock strikes 8:30, all the lights should be turned off. But the point of security should be kept in mind. Like street lights or one of the lights at home should remain on. Also keep close the torches and mobile phones, just in case.

Does it actually benefit us in any way?

Though it doesn’t quite benefit but the awareness alone is enough for masses to realize the intensity of issue. We being a developing country are facing immense energy crisis. Ours is a society who goes through electricity load shedding for days, while some don’t ever get to relish the essence of such a facility throughout their lives.

Same is the case for climate change, the frequent floods is an evident proof. The awareness will at least trigger ideas and their implementation might benefit us in the long run. WWF-Pakistan’s mission is,

To stop the degradation of planet’s natural environment, and build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature.

Since Earth hour falls on the same day and approximately same timings as the Pakistan vs India match do, it is certain that people will continue watching the match irrespective of the importance of Earth hour. However, people can still contribute by shutting out extra lights.

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