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Three Indians quit their jobs to ‘Peace Ride’ from India to Pakistan

Pakistan-India Peace Ride


Aleena Naqvi
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When the British left the subcontinent in 1947, it was divided into a Hindu-majority India and a Muslim-majority Pakistan. The partition of two countries was not a smooth one. They saw one of the largest human exoduses. There were riots and violence which tore families apart. The bitter feelings have very deep roots in Pakistan and India, and both countries have not forgotten their differences.

The enmity between the two countries has grown because of the wars that have been fought. Kashmir is still the bone of contention between them. Pakistanis and Indians are very well aware of the rift present between the two nations. The hatred and discontent are still nursed on both sides of the border.

There have been efforts on both sides to bridge the gap between the two nations. This time, Dhaval Gori and two of his friends, including Bhavesh Hagwane, who is a Chef by profession and Arun Bhat, who works with Qatar Airways have decided to reduce the schism between the two countries by undertaking a bike ride called “The Peace Ride”. They aready left their jobs in order to pursue the adventurous ride. In this Peace Ride, these young and motivated Indians will travel across India and Pakistan so as to promote love and peace between the two countries.

They will not just be traveling between the two countries on their bikes, they will also record messages of 1000 people in Pakistan and India each. They will make a documentary of the responses of the people. The documentary will be released on their YouTube channel every week after they have finished their journey in 2017.

Dhaval also carried out a social experiment recently in which he presented himself as a Pakistani in New Delhi so as to record and analyze the response of the locals. In the start, the people were a little amazed, but later they came forward and gave hugs to Dhaval. Some even took selfies with Dhaval who he is seen as holding a chart in the below video which reads as under:

I am from Pakistan but I love India as much as you do. Can I get free hugs.

Dhaval Gori was not very fond of Pakistan, especially after the attacks on Pathankot air base. His opinion changed after he met a man from Lahore in Mumbai and he realized that not all Pakistanis are against India. After talking to the Pakistani man, he realized that the Pakistani nation is plagued with their own problems like unstable government, terrorism, terror strikes, and other issues.

Do you know: The India–Pakistan cricket rivalry is one of the most intense sports rivalries in the world.An India-Pakistan cricket match has been estimated to attract up to one billion viewers. (Source: Wikipedia)

There is no doubt that people of Pakistan and India want to have peace. They don’t want the hatred between them to flourish and grow. The hatred is created mostly by the politicians and the media. It is crucial that the voice of the people is heard. Gori was compelled to do something that can bring the voice and sentiments of the ordinary people into the light.

The Peace Ride project is not a cheap one as it includes traveling expenses, visa permission, camera equipment, etc. In order to bear the costs of the project, they are running a crowdfunding campaign on Wishberry, India’s largest crowdfunding platform. They intend to start their journey in July and finish it by January 2017.

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