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Indian sports astrologer predicts Pakistan’s victory in ICC World Twenty20



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Cricket is just a game, but when it’s about Pakistan playing against India, the poor game becomes more of war. Seeing the current form of the players from both the countries, one can say that both the countries are going to give each other a hard time.

Indian fans are very positive about their win, and Pakistanis here are trying to maintain the balance, saying “Tum jeeto ya haaro suno, humay tumse pyar hai”. It might be hard to believe, but Greenstone Lobo, an Indian astrologer and the author of a book on astrology, “What Is Your True Zodiac Sign?”, has predicted that Pakistan can win the final. The astrologer said that Pakistan can be the winner of ICC World Twenty20 if the team qualifies for the final match. He stated that his work is based on science and research. He predicted that India will not be the winner this year. According to the astrologer,

The rub of the green might just go against MS Dhoni’s boys if it comes to a showdown between Pakistan and India

Lobo says that he has not yet analyzed Shahid Afridi’s stars, and the prospects of other teams will follow in the coming days. But Lobo is sure of the fact that Dhoni’s cosmic luck is lacking in the big events now. He says that Planet X of Dhoni falls in 10th house of the cosmic chart, which clearly shows a loss in World Twenty20 cup. He may win trophies for the smaller events, but his stars are not in the favor of big wins anymore.

Do you know: The inaugural World Twenty20 was played in South Africa, year 2007 and was won by India against Pakistan in the final match. (Source: Wikipedia)

He supports this theory of his, Lobo says that in the year 2011 after the World Cup — Dhoni won the 2013 Champions League for Chennai Super Kings. The astrologer also said that the Eden encounter on 19th March between Pakistan and India is “favourable” for Dhoni, and India will overcome Pakistan in that match.

But it will be Pakistan who will be the winner in the final if they manage to reach it, says Lobo. Though Pakistani fans don’t expect much from the team after the Asia T20 performance, still, many hope and pray for this prediction to come out right!

Best of luck Afridi’s Eleven, please come back with the trophy man!!

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