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Federal Minister for Planning invited MIT to establish a modern university in Pakistan

Minister for Planning Ahsan Iqbal invited MIT in Pakistan


Sarmad Ali
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It’s a common perception that education is the most substantial element in minimizing poverty, increasing economic growth. Creating an enlightened social environment and making self-sufficient nations. All of the socio-economic problems and education is incredibly related to each other. If one is elevated, the other is diminished.

In a socially, culturally, religiously and economically disparate state like Pakistan, professional institutions are the only key that can raise the declined social and economic infrastructure of the country. If we look at the past decade, these institutions were just 30 in the year 2001. At present, their number has been increased to 160+. Even though they aren’t enough. We need world class institutions to educate our youth with most advanced techniques. Recently, we heard the news that Federal Minister for Planning invited MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) to establish a modern university in Pakistan.

Our Federal Minister for planning, development and reforms, Mr. Ahsan Iqbal, is currently on a visit to the United Stated of America (USA). According to the official statement, Mr. Iqbal met the Quantum Astrophysicist and Associate Department Head of Physics, Ms. Nergis Mavalvala at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

Ms. Nergis Mavalvala was born in a Parsi family, in Karachi. After attaining her early education from hometown, as a teenager, she went to the US for higher studies. She grew up in a supportive family without stereotypical gender roles. She did her Ph.D., in Physics, from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and joined their faculty in the year 2002. She’s one of the scientists who recently discovered gravitational waves, ripples in space and time hypothesized by Albert Einstein.

Do you know: Ms. Nergis Mavalvala received the prestigious MacArthur Foundation Award in the year 2010. (Source: Dawn (Source: Dawn)

Mr. Iqbal congratulated Ms. Mavalvala on her achievement and discussed the scope of Pakistan in collaboration with MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). Mr. Iqbal proposed to establish a modern full-fledged university with the collaboration of MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). He also met Managing Director of the MTC (Martin Trust Centre) for MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Entrepreneurship, Bill Aulet, to discuss the promotion of entrepreneurship among Pakistan’s youth. Mr. Iqbal believes that students instead of seeking for a job should create them for themselves.

During his stay, Mr. Iqbal met the Pakistani students of Kennedy School, Harvard University, as well. He was quite ravished to see the number of Pakistani students in Harvard University. He proudly mentioned the milestones Pakistan has achieved yet. He said,

All we need is self-confidence and sustained efforts.

Whether or not, MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) approve our collaboration, it’s good to see that our government is finally taking steps to promote education.

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