Nescafe Basement is back with its first season 4 song “Tere Jiya Hor Disdah”


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The captivating tune in the promo of Nescafe Basement season 4 has been interrupting the monotonous series of advertisements on our TV screens, for about three months now. The Nescafe Basement’s comeback with the song “Tere Jiya Hor Disdah” has caused a stir and stimulation among music lovers of the country.

Nescafe Basement is an emerging entity in the field of music in Pakistan and has released season 4 recently. However, Coke Studio has set an example of such programmes and has already made it to season 8. Both music series are doing great at their own place and are producing quality music in Pakistan which address the interest of music lovers of all ages. The main distinguishing feature is that Coke Studio inducts popular bands and singers for its episodes which lead to the production of a variety of unique music. On the other hand, Nescafe Basements “hunts for talent” among the youth which leads to the addition of new talent to Pakistan’s Music Industry. Nescafe Basement groom and brings out the best in aspiring musicians. It thus is in favour of the youth. Coke Studio has gained a popularity over the years may be because it renowned names in Music Industry is a part of it. Nescafe Basement, as the name indicates is the sound of the underground singers. They are brought to limelight by Nescafe Basement while Coke Studio throws the spotlight on already famous stars.

Do you know: Your heartbeat changes and mimics the music you listen to. (Source: Fact slides)

Nescafe Basement season 4 is back with a bang. The song titled “Tere Jiya Hor Disdah” has been given a classical touch.The music of this song is composed by Xulfi J.Khan. The director and producer of this song are Murtaza Niaz and Xulfi J.Khan respectively.
Nescafe Basement is a forum for young talent to express itself and recognize and make use if its abilities in the field of music. Nescafe Basement has been a source of the gem of musicians and singers. “Soch” the band is also a product of Nescafe Basement and it has brought pride to its name. Nescafe Basement has gained popularity among people of all ages in just no time and has emerged as a unique and one of its kind entity in the field of music.
The song that Nescafe Basement season 4 has kicked off with capturing one’s heart and soul. The different instruments used to play with the strings of one’s heart. The sound of the Tabla synchronizes with one’s heartbeat and the melodious voice of the singer leaves a deep effect on the listener for a while.


The launch of Nescafe Basement season 4 was held in a restaurant in Lahore. It was hosted by RJ Sophie. The JbnJaws Productions made the event happen. It attracted famous celebrities from the Pakistani music and entertainment industry namely Noori, Ali Noor, Bilal Lashari, Munib Nawaz, Nabeel Shaukat, Nouman Javed and many more. All the artists had gathered to appreciate the efforts of Nescafe Basement members and encouraged them to keep working for expanding the Music fraternity.

The host of the event RJ Sophie commended the hard work and dedication of Nescafe Basement musicians. She expressed her excitement on the revival of Nescafe Basement and Pakistani music and said
“It’s time for all of us to start supporting our own local artists if we want our music fraternity to progress into a lucrative industry soon. Here’s wishing team Nescafe Basement all the best for season 4, I can’t wait to play their songs on “Drive On” at FM 91 and have them over on “Weekend World” at PTV World soon!”

It is not long after the launch of Nescafe Basement season 4 that it has started gaining recognition and publicity on social media. The song “Tere Jiyah Hor Disdah” has an “old is gold” touch in it. Yet it is famous among the youth and has received comments like

“Cant get enough of this song”, on a social media website.

Nescafe Basement aims to polish the hidden talent and discover fresh and vibrant musicians through this television series. It is a good way of engaging youth in a positive activity and connecting the youth to its cultural Music roots. It has also produced Sufi music such as “Allahoo”, a song from season 3 which became very famous. In this era of advancing technology and warfare when there are violence and restlessness, good music might work as a source of peace of mind. Nescafe Basement is thus contributing to harmony and peace by adding soothing tunes to ones play list.
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