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China’s President Xi Jinping declared statesman of the year by 84% of Pakistanis in a survey​



Aleena Naqvi
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Pakistan and China have an enthusiastic relationship and that is why the Chinese President Xi Jinping is highly acclaimed by the Pakistani nation.
President Xi Jinping has brought whole new dimensions to the Sino-Pak relationship. China is investing $46 billion in order to build the Pak-China Economic Corridor.

This project is very important for Pakistan and holds numerous opportunities for the country. The Pak-China Economic Corridor is considered as a fate-changing project for the country and it will have an absolutely positive effect on the lives of people here.

Do you know: Pakistan and China developed the diplomatic relationship on 21st May 1951. (Source: Wikipedia)

It is because of the help of China that the economy of this country seems to be headed in a much better way and that is why he has been hailed as the Statesman of the Year 2015 by the media of Pakistan. By doing that they have highlighted the contributions to the global peace and the development of the world as well.

He has always inclined towards Pakistan and other developing countries and has invested heavily in several different sectors including the defense and energy sector.It is because of the constant support that about 84.3 % of the respondents of a survey carried out by Pakistan Observer. Which was conducted as a half month open-ended survey, declared President Xi Jinping as the “Role Model Statesman” of 2015.

Advisor to the Pakistan Prime Minister on Foreign Affairs, Sartaj Aziz, paid tribute to the President by saying that he is a great leader with a big vision and very fresh ideas. He also said that project of the Economic Corridor will prove to be a milestone in the unique friendly relationship between the two countries.

In Xi’s state visit to Pakistan in April, the relationship between the two countries was made even more deep and strong and the strategic cooperative partnership was extended. It allowed both countries to open the Pakistan-China Economic Corridor to cover several different fields like the energy, transportation and developing a sound and strong infrastructure of the country.

Mr. Sartaj Aziz also praised the foreign policy of the Xi’s Government and said that it has brought great respect and honor to China on the international level.The support that the Pakistani nation has shown to President Xi is not very surprising. Both of the countries have always cooperated.

When it comes to the weapons exports of China, Pakistan is its biggest buyer. China has always played a very significant role in the economy of Pakistan.The investment by China in the Gwadar Port and the Economic Corridor not only offers China a way to show their presence in the Indian Ocean, it also provides an opportunity to our country to establish strong infrastructure in Baluchistan.

This corridor will connect the Gwadar Port to the far-west region of China called Xinjiang and it is all included in the “One Belt, One Road” plan of President Jinping. It will create a land and sea version of the Silk Road and create a very important trading route.

The people of Pakistan were thanked by Chinese Ambassador Sun Weidong for showing such respect and trust for President Xi Jinping and said that China was equally proud of their friendship.

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