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A British-Pakistani female climber died in Oman leaving behind hundreds of mourning children

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Bushra Farooqui, a British Pakistani woman who founded a charity for children living in remote northern Pakistan has been found dead in an Omani wadi.
Bushra Farooqui was 42 years old British-Pakistani who was professionally a banker. Her body was found in a wadi in Oman. She died while on a journey in Wadi Sameeni with 11 others. All of the others were rescued on Saturday while Ms Farooqi’s body was found by Omani police helicopters the following day.


She was loved by the people of Baltistan because of her charity work. Upon her death, hundreds of children and parents in the Satpara Mountain Village in Baltistan will pay tribute to the woman they looked up to as their mother. On Wednesday, villagers of Satpara in the Baltistan region will gather on a spot to pray for and mourn on Bushra Farooqui death.

Ghulam Mohammad, who is the general manager of the Inspire Initiative which Bushra Siddique founded to encourage education in Baltistan’s remote northern valleys, said that:

I cried when I got messages that she had died. She was like family. To the children and the people of this area, she was just like a mother. She loved the children and wanted to explore the area more. She also loved the mountains.

Ms. Bushra Farooqui was also involved in the Organizing Committee of London for the 2012 Olympics and Paralympic Games. She was very passionate about climbing and frequently hiked the Himalayan and Karakorum ranges. She had also climbed to the K-2 base camp in Baltistan, Everest Base camp, Kilimanjaro and Turkey’s Mount Ararat.

Do you know: The Karakoram Highway (KKH) is one of the highest paved international roads in the world. It connects the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region of China and Gilgit–Baltistan of Pakistan, it is also known as Eighth Wonder of the World due to the marvel of civil engineering. (Source: Wikipedia)

Her Brother Sohaib said,

She touched the lives of people not just in her home country Pakistan, but in London and Dubai. She was energetic, enthusiastic and she lived for others, not just for herself. Mountaineering was the love of her life and it was her first love that drew her to the children of Baltistan. It was not just girls education but children’s education she wanted to take forward.

Mr Mohammad whom she met in 2009 in Cambridge, UK, during a programme for young Muslim leaders, said:

She quickly understood the culture that families did not send girls to school so only boys were studying. She wanted to change this.

Ms. Bushra Farooqui along with her friends raised money from the UK and helped to fund teaching for 60 girls at the boys’ primary school in Sidri village in Baltistan which is 100 kilometers from the nearest town, Skardu. The money she raised supports 360 girls in different villages. She was keen to build two more rooms for the Sadpara pupils and to reach other isolated villages.


Mr Mohammad, last spoke to Ms Farooqui on August 21 and she urging him to begin building. He said that “She worked hard for the poor and wanted to bring tourists here to support the children. I’m a volunteer but I know her mission must continue so she will live forever.”
She was a gem not only for people of Baltistan but for the whole country. May her soul rest in peace. Ameen!

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