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Are you among those who ordered one product online but then the next thing you came across was the same product being sold by another online store at a different price? Relatively lower? If so then you are not the only one. Instead, millions are facing the same issue. But it is now a matter of past as there is an online store being introduced recently by the name of PriceOye. It’s a place where you can compare the prices of products being sold in different online stores.

The age of technology has brought along with it a variety of changes in human life. Now sitting home ordering stuff is the most convenient form of shopping. But this too has got some complexities to itself. Because of diversified Online Shopping sites “confusion is in the air”. If one store sells a product at one price the other sells the same product at relatively lower or higher prices and so the buyer finds it difficult to have access to all kinds of Online Shopping sites, that being extremely time taking. PriceOye is certainly a right solution for such a neglected problem.

Awais Imran materialized the idea of comparison shopping service in collaboration with Adeel Shafi and Adnan Shafi. The co-founder of PriceOye, Awais Imran told Elighten that after spending several years launching and scaling international technology blogs they noticed Pakistan’s booming e-commerce market like those of the Black Friday sales, the launch of international stores Daraz, Kaymu, OLX, and CheezMall. That is when they felt the need for working and launching such a site that would solve the needs of customers who had begun to rely on e-commerce for buying new products.

He said,

The idea originated a long time ago when we started using e-commerce stores for online shopping. We found that it would take too long to find the best price for a mobile phone, laptop, or any consumer electronic from the best, most trusted stores. After discussing this problem with friends and validating it from market surveys, we realized this was something that everyone faced while Online Shopping. Thus, we decided on developing a price comparison shopping service.

PriceOye makes the life easier by providing simple online tactics;

  • You can rapidly scan for your most favorite items
  • You can view regularly updated price lists for different product variations – based on color and storage space – on a single page
  • Discover the most minimal costs from trusted stores
  • One can also filter products by features to narrow down budgets and requirements
  • Detailed product specifications and descriptions are provided

“It currently compares prices for smartphones, and we are working to expand it to laptops, tablets, home appliances and more soon. Along with additional product categories, we will also be comparing stores so you can be sure you have the best shopping experience,” said Imran.

The new startup is set to assure the best shopping experience for Pakistanis. As the co-founder himself says,

PriceOye helps people save time, money and effort. It is your one-stop shop for gathering all relevant and important information for your next purchase including product price, availability, specifications, reviews and more. Without PriceOye, you would have to visit multiple online stores to find the lowest price, and to determine the best shopping experience.

The team comprises of six members which it’s aiming to expand as they advance.

As a startup e-commerce setup, about 15 of the biggest and most trusted online stores are registered with PriceOye including HomeShopping, Symbios, Telemart, Mega, and ShopHive.

The question about how it’s going to shape the e-commerce world Awais Imran said,

Online shopping will become simpler with time. Right now, both e-commerce stores and e-commerce users are in learning phase. As e-commerce stores improve their processes – from taking orders through more usable websites to fulfilling them timely – and as Pakistanis grow comfortable with e-commerce, we will see a HUGE boom in the market. PriceOye is expediting this learning phase by helping e-commerce stores compete with each other on both prices and shopping experiences, while helping customers find the best prices from trusted stores.

It seems that Online Shopping would get its credibility. As a comparison would lead to competition and hence reasonable prices and more trustworthy Online Shopping . PriceOye has officially been launched in February. You can check out the site at

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