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Pakistani-American Mark Humayun to receive the United States highest award for technology achievement

Bionic Eye


Gohar Latif
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The world is maturing, as present day solutions empower individuals to live with technology, it helps in the development part of the populace. The most obvious risk that most individuals distinguish is losing their sight. No one needs to end up weighing on others. A blind person is a liability on other humans as they have to look after them all the time. Individuals beyond the age 65 tend to risk higher for loss of sight, as per an evaluation.

A Pakistani-American aged 53 won the most elevated award for innovative achievement in the United States. He was born in Pakistan and his full name is Mark Salman Humayun. The Humayun family came to America in 1972 and he finished his education in the US, coming full circle in getting an MD degree from Duke University, a Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering from University of North Carolina, furthermore progressed clinical preparing in ophthalmology at Duke Medical Center, and additionally the Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Do you know: In 1983 Joao Lobo Antunes, a Portuguese doctor, implanted a bionic eye in a person born blind. (Source: Wikipedia)

Mark Humayun is to get the prestigious National Medal of Technology and Innovation from President Obama.
As President Obama called it “a demonstration of American creativity.”

Mark humayoun

Mark Humayun has created Argus II, ordinarily known as the ‘bionic eye’. It restores vision to most visually impaired individuals. By combining restorative science and designing, the development is a wonder for individuals experiencing acquired retinal degenerative illness that prompts visual deficiency in seniority.
The Bionic Eye works with a camera mounted on extraordinary glasses, sends a sign to an electronic collector with cathodes that are embedded in and around the eye. The cathodes send signs to the retina that invigorate the retina and after that, these retinal motivations go through the optic nerve to the mind where they are translated as pictures. Mark Humayun developed the bionic eye in the memory of his grandmother who suffered the loss of sight, his love for her made him choose ophthalmology and create cures for visual impairment.

Mark Humayun has made the ‘bionic eye’ minimize the fear of visual impairment by helping patients with the endowment of sight. As one of the legends of the 21st century, Humayun drives the Eye Institute of the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, where he is a professor of Ophthalmology and Biomedical Engineering.

The bionic eye can offer millions of advantages to people who need some assistance with suffering from retinal visual deficiency. The most widely recognized sign so far has been to offer patients with acquired visual deficiency some assistance, which is caused by a malady called Retinitis Pigmentosa.

The Bionic Eye is now accessible in the UK, Canada, France, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia. It appears that another nation is included each month that supports the Argus II or the bionic eye.
Pakistanis with retinal visual deficiency, particularly Retinitis Pigmentosa, can get the advantage. The gadget would need to be either affirmed in Pakistan or the patients would need to go to one of the nations in which the bionic eye is available.

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  1. Salamalaikum…

    Its a great achievement Dr.Mark ,congratulations for bringing hope and enlightening lives of visually impaired individuals.

    Can it restore vision of a child suffering from cerebral palsy along with visual impairment secondary to Kernicterus
    i hope soon it will be helpful for that child too.amin


    Congratulations again !
    you are a blessing .

  2. Congrats! Dr. Hamayun for a wonderful achievement. My sister has a retinitis pigmentosa problem. I want to know could this bionic eye be workable for her.

  3. Hi Dr.
    I have an 80 y/o aunt who is in Pakistan. She suddenly lost her already-impaired one-eyed vision. Will bionic eye work for her in Pakistan?

  4. Congratulations Dr Mark I am interested for my mom she is 75 yrs old and have loss of vision in her one eye please advise as I am in canada but can bring her to LA for her treatment.

  5. Masha Allah Doc Humayun. Great. May Allah SWT reward you and shower more blessings on you so you may contribute more towards the betterment of the human community. Aameen. All the very best.

  6. Dear Doctor
    I need to know if my 55 year old brother is a good candidate for this. He lost his eyes in 2010 after infection took over after catarec surgery
    Niaz Malik

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