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Pakistani Artist Fawzia Mirza to perform at Mathers Museum of World Cultures

Fawzia Mirza - Photo Credits @ fawziamirza.com


Hira Faraz
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Considering the role of women in our society, it is hard for any women to stand on a stage alone and make everyone laugh to death. In our society the truth behind inequality of opportunities and behavior deprives women of what they might be great at because of not being given the appreciation they truly deserve. Now look at Fawzia Mirza who is an amazing actor, writer, and a producer who is performing her solo play “Me, My Mom & Sharmila” today at Mathers Museum of World Cultures, America. It is about family, identity, and space in between. The play depicts some of the serious matters experienced by Asian people with a touch of humor. The event is supported and sponsored by the Madhusudan and Kiran C. Dhar India Studies Program.

Who is Fawzia Mirza?

Fawzia Mirza is a proud, self-proclaimed, American-Canadian-Pakistani Comedian. She has studied Law for all the wrong reasons. However, left it for acting 5 years ago and founded Yellow Wing Productions with her Best Friend in 2008. She is now the director, producer, writer, and the star of all her plays. She’s been on NBC T.V series Chicago Fire and has been in a lot of indie films and web series. Fawzia Mirza is also known for her famous web series “Kam Kardashian” and “Brown Girl Problems”. She also has some short films on her credit, “The First Session” and “Reclaiming Pakistan.” A year ago, in the 2015 NBC Universal Short Film Festival, Fawzia Mirza’s “The First Session” was a finalist. According to her website her upcoming projects also include a short documentary about Pakistani social activist Sabeen Mahmud.

Do you know: Fawzia Mirza was titled a “rising star” of Chicago’s indie filmmaking by WBEZ Chicago (Public Radio Channel 91.5) and was also one of the top 10 writers of indie series by Indie Wire Magazine. (Source: IDS News)

What is the play all about?

The play features an overjoyed Fawzia Mirza present at the show of Sharmila Tagore’s 1969 classical movie Aradhna. The plotline continues in a non-linear manner and every now and then shifts between Fawzia’s various arguments with her mom while growing up in Canada, matched up well with a depiction of the love both women possess for Sharmila.

“Me, My Mom & Sharmila” portrays mother-daughter arguments in South Asian countries, where the mother wants her daughter to acquire the “socially acceptable” characteristics of young women. The play “Me, My Mom & Sharmila” touches some very important topics such as religion, race, gender, and sexual orientation, particularly in the Asian Countries. Me, My Mom and Sharmila is an extraordinarily creative effort by Fawzia Mirza to humorously depict the prevailing societal philosophies that exist in contemporary South Asian countries. With a splendidly witty executed monologue, it’s impossible not to laugh.

I once read a brilliant phrase somewhere;

“Behind every laugh, there’s an amazing hilarious woman.”

And I totally agree with it. Fawzia Mirza is one of them for sure.

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