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Pakistani and Chinese students performed together on China Culture Day held in COMSATS Islamabad

Group photo of Chinese Ambassador, Mr.Sun Weidong and His Excellency’s spouse with teachers and students of COMSATS University Islamabad. Photo by COMSATS


Hira Faraz
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A grand festival was held at COMSATS (Commission on Science and Technology for Sustainable Development in the South) Institute of Information Technology Islamabad to honor the China Culture Day in an amazing way which exhibited the beautiful mutual friendship and love that Pakistan and China share together. A Cultural show featuring Chinese dance performances and music was held on the 24th February 2016 to celebrate the China Culture Day and to honor another fantastic year of Pakistan-China friendship. China Culture Day was held with the joint effort of Chinese Embassy which provided a great opportunity to the students and teachers of COMSATS Institute of Information technology to explore one of the most beautiful cultures of the world.

Ambassador of China Sun Weidong

The China Culture Day event was graced by the presence of Ambassador of China His Excellency Mr. Sun Weidong and His Excellency’s wife Madam Bao Jiqing. The main and the biggest attraction of the day was the Chinese National Anthem sung by a large number of CIIT (COMSATS Institute of Information Technology) students and teachers, alongside with H.E. Sun Weidong, the Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to Pakistan

Do you know: Singing of the Anthem by such a large number of COMSATS students may become a world record of singing the Chinese National Anthem out of China. (Source: CNTV)

Different other activities during the grand occasion that continued the whole day was the beautiful performance of CIIT Pak-China Music Fusion Band, Lion Dance and The Traditionally famous Chinese Fan Dance. Amazing food stalls, Chinese Art Stalls and different academic activities promoting Pak-China cultural trade. The students particularly were fascinated by the music performances and Chinese film screenings at the cultural show which beautifully highlighted the rich Chinese cultural.

Celebrations in Comsats on China Culture Day

The COMSATS Institute of Information Technology China Culture Day Celebrations also includes a breathtaking art display by the name of “Fusion of Cultures” which highlighted more than 100 pieces of art including amazingly beautiful photography of Chinese Culture by the famous Chinese Photographers. The art show includes prints, miniature paintings, and photography.

The inauguration of the art show was by H.E. Mr. Sun Weidong, Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan with his wife madam Bao Jiqing. Amazing Art pieces of 17 other artists from COMSATS Art Gallery were also part of the art show. The artists include Abeerah Zahid, Amna Hashmi, Ahmad Habib, Syed Zain-ul-Abideen Kazmi, Ayesha Imdad, Farrah Mahmood, Samreen Asif, Saima Salahuddin, Sakina Akbar, Zahid Ul Haq, Muhammad Azhar Hafeez, Nargis Khalid, Nusratji Saleem, Nageen Hyat, Syeda Nasreen Sultana, Syed Najam Kazmi and Rashda Faridi.

Do you know: Institute of Information Technology Islamabad has set up a China Study Centre in 2013 with its vision to promote the two beautiful cultures of China and Pakistan. (Source: CNTV)

Mr.Sun Weidong and Madam Bao Jiqing appreciated the hard work done by COMSATS Art Gallery Manager Farah Mahmood and her fabulous team for organizing the one of its kind show and promoting the two cultures and help to strengthen the powerful friendship of Pakistan and China. At the event, few exclusive canvases were also given to Chinese Ambassador as a gesture of friendship.

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