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Pakistani students at Dalhousie University arrange fundraiser for the homeless

Pakistani students association dallhousie university


Hania Tahir
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Pakistani upbringing teaches to stand up for humanity irrespective of people’s religion or origin. The very same upbringing and diversity of culture was demonstrated by Pakistani students in Dalhousie University, Canada. A number of Pakistani students organized an event which they called ‘Mehfil’. It was a fundraiser for the homeless of Halifax. ‘Mehfil’ in literary sense means an evening with people chatting and enjoying themselves. And people did enjoy the Pakistani culture at the event.

Students who are away from their homeland and are seeking education overseas badly miss their home, culture and most importantly, their events. Pakistani students of Dalhousie University took themselves and the guests to the atmosphere of colourful Pakistani culture. The event hosted desi dances, skits, music, poetry reading and of course Pakistani food that is a major part of country’s culture. The event nicely accomplished two things: It showed world the diverse and glamorous-in-it’s-own-essence culture of Pakistan, and it raised the money required to help the homeless and under privileged.

Do you know: Dalhousie University is in Nova Scotia province of Canada and has three campuses in Halifax and fourth in Bible Hill. (Source: Wikipedia)

It was the first Pakistani event organized in the university by the new Pakistani Students Association. President of the association, Salman Sajid said that people are taking interest in the different aspects of the Pakistani culture. They are interested in knowing different ideas and the sets of thinking of that go with Pakistan. Salman said that these kind of events would help people know about Pakistanis that they are just like them. The events would shatter the extremist image that Western people have about Pakistanis to a much greater extent. Pakistanis are just like all the other people who enjoy the colours of life as any normal person would. Sajid also said that there was a need to convey this to the people who think of Pakistanis as conventional extremists.

The night also depicted the growing increase in the number of students at the university. The president of the association said that when he started at Dalhousie, he was the only Pakistani student in his faculty. The number has now increased to 78 in the past 2 years. A portion of the ticket sale and the silent auction which displayed Pakistani jewellery was given to the ‘Caring Human Association’ which would work for the homeless.

A member of the association said,

It’s all about giving to the community. People need to support each other to make the best out of what they have. The association hopes to make the dinner and fundraiser an annual event.

The members remarked that they were just like everyone else and that others will see it in the time coming.

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