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American DJ Diplo took to social media to share his heartwarming experience in Pakistan



Sarmad Ali
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Well, whether to thank the new Leadership, Army, Diplomats or the talented youth across the world that’s helping in creating a vibrant picture of Pakistan. There’s no denying the fact that image of Pakistan is improving as compared to the previous years. And every Pakistani is responsible for that. We still can’t forget the attack on Sri Lankan team in the year 2009. As a result of that incident, the global image of Pakistan was shattered badly. We lost a great number foreign of tourists, we lost the visits of famous celebrities and above all, we lost our real image. And the Pakistanis living abroad, had to face the criticism on the acts they didn’t commit. But recently it seems we are gradually attaining our image and respect back.

We have participated in numerous global affairs. Many foreign political bodies started visiting Pakistan, again. 19th SAARC (South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation) summit is going to hold in Islamabad, Pakistan in September 2016. And above all, worldwide famous celebrities started visiting Pakistan to win our hearts. Recently, the famous music band Akcent performed in Islamabad and was surprised to see the love and respect from Pakistanis. Long after the performance, he kept on sharing his vivid image about Pakistan on social media. And now the infamous American DJ Diplo took to social media to share his heartwarming experience in Pakistan.

Do you know: Diplo was once an elementary school teacher and made a mixtape with his students. (Source: Dancing Astronaut)

The name doesn’t need any introduction. But for those who doesn’t know him let’s briefly go through him. Thomas Wesley Pentz, 37 years, commonly known as DJ Diplo. He is a songwriter, rapper, record producer and above all, world’s most famous DJ (Disco Jockey). He had been working with numerous pop artists like JB (Justin Bieber), Britney Spears, Beyonce, Madonna, Usher, Shakira, Snoop Dog and the list goes on and on. If we look on the achievements he unlocked then in his 7 years DJ (Disco Jockey) career he has been nominated 7 times in Grammy Awards and won three of them. Now it’s quite obvious he’s in the major league of music.

In this month, After Diplo’s India’s 2 cities MDBP (Mad Descent Block Party) tour, He came to Pakistan for his debut show of EDM (Electronic Dance Music). It was for the first time EDM (Electronic Dance Music) was performed live in Pakistan. He rocked the floor along with Elliphant music & homegrown talents, Adil Omer and Talal Qureshi. He spent 24 hours in the capital city and was quite amused to wander around. He was quite cherished to meet the youngsters, artists, fans, students, parents and whosoever he met during his stay. He fell in love with food he ate and the tea he drank. He was quite elevated by the hash he smoked during his stay. He was quite surprised by the audience as he was expecting they knew his all songs.

At the backstage, he found a different world. People gave him hugs and high fives and praised on his performance. He felt crying to see the love and respect he had. He was very happy and satisfied that he gave a hell of a night to the youngsters from not only Islamabad but also from Karachi, Lahore and adjoining areas. For most of them, it was the first time to attend such an event and he was proud that they did it. Everyone was laughing together, dancing together, singing together and was together.

It was good to see the experience he shared with social media. It’s a moment of proud for all of us to have people like Diplo among us. They are breaking the stereotypes by not listening to what other portrays but to see it by themselves. He was proud that he made it. On Friday 4th March, Akcent is going to perform again in Lahore. He performed in Islamabad in January, as well. It’s quite relishing to see them revisiting Pakistan and set a trend. Hope to see other infamous personalities as well, following the trend.

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