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Mountain Dew organized Pakistan’s first ever dance music festival featuring Ministry of Sound

Ministry of Sound music concert by Dew


Gohar Latif
2 minutes read

The company producing one of Pakistan’s lead distribution of Soda named Mountain Dew recently organized Pakistan’s first ever Electronic Dance Music Festival in Lahore. They highlighted London’s No. 1 Dance and House Club Service of Sound, bringing together the Ministry of Sound & to dispatch three energizing new flavors: Live Wire, Pitch Black, and Blue Shock.

The event basically promoted their new flavors with full zest. The crusade is appropriately termed as DEW-mocracy since the brand is giving its fans the privilege to pick which flavor ought to wind up a perpetual offering in the Dew portfolio.

The prominent occasion was also attended by numerous famous people that included Umair Jaswal, Junaid Khan, Bilal Lashari, QB, Cybil Chaudhry, Ali Xeeshan and other prominent media personalities. The event was completely fun and musical. Everyone of the visitors acknowledged Mountain Dew’s battle and applauded for DEWxMOS. Lahoris haven’t seen such an occasion before and they are expecting such stunning occasions in not so distant future as well.

The dispatch occasion quickly circulated around the web over the online networking with its hash-labels #DewMocracy and #DEWxMOS. The online discussion drew in individuals from the country to get live redesigns for a few hours amid the occasion. Not that there are no concerts or promotional events but the different thing about this occasion was that it was the first ever of its type and temperament, which was held at the edges of Lahore on 20th February, 2016. It was broadly attended by people from all over the city and other adjoining areas. The celebration’s fundamental stage showcased different effective Pakistani DJs including Hira Tareen, El Safino, VIVID and Fake Shamans, with the primary fascination being King Arthur from the Ministry of Sound.

Different other neighborhood DJs shook three separate DJ Rooms with stages solely for every Dew flavor named as Live Wire, Pitch Black, and Blue Shock. Each of the 3 flavors and the first dew was unreservedly accessible for orderlies, few sustenance slow downs were additionally set at the venue.

The visitors tried each one of the 3 flavors and after that, got an opportunity to vote in favor of their most loved out of the three. Mountain Dew incredibly pulled off a great event by bringing the Ministry of Sound together and the lively audience of Lahore. The hashtags like #DewMocracy are being used and phrases like “#VoteForBlueShock people because I like it more than other variants” are on the go because people get to choose which flavor they support the most.

Moreover, this event was a hit. The estimate of its success is visible on Facebook and Twitter. People show their love for the thrilling event with the new drink. Hats off to Dew Pakistan for organizing the first ever concert of its kind in Pakistan.

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