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Hampshire signed Shahid Afridi for their entire NatWest T20 Blast campaign

Shahid Afridi


Sarmad Ali
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Pakistan is a country enriched with the most talented people. No matter it is education, discovery, music, art, humanism, social work, invention, war or sports, we have ruled over every field; not only once but time and time again. Today, let’s meet one of the most brilliant stars of Pakistan, whose name is a brand itself and who lives in every Pakistani’s heart, Shahid Afridi. He has become a cricket idol for most of our youngsters and his success story does not have a finish line. Yes, recently Hampshire signed Shahid Afridi for their entire NatWest T20 Blast campaign.

Shahid Afridi started his professional career as a batsman in the year 1996. Due to his passion and enthusiasm for cricket, soon he made his name in the cricket world. He gained recognition not only in Pakistan but across the globe. His followers exponentially increased and he became one of the rising stars of Pakistan. After clinching the best batsman title, he started to try his luck in bowling. Using his god-gifted talent, soon he got his name printed on the best bowler trophy as well. He became the best all-rounder of Pakistan. Along with the trophies, he won the hearts of the people as well and that is a bigger achievement. Not every cricketer gains international recognition, but Shahid Afridi did. He has been blessed with numerous titles as “Boom-Boom”, “Lala”, “Khan” etc.

Do you know: Shahid Afridi used Sachin Tendulkar's bat to hit the fastest ever ODI century. (Source: India Times)

People get old but stardom doesn’t. At his age, most of the players get retired. But for him, the doors of opportunities are never bolted. The recent contract with Hampshire is the proof of that. He had played for Hampshire in the year 2011 as well. Boom boom won the hearts of Hampshire’s people by reaching semi-finals. He played a total of 10 matches in the tournament. He became the fans’ favorite by tremendous performance in the tournament. Last year, Afridi played for Northamptonshire and won people’s hearts by giving his best performance in the final. He took 3 wickets by giving only 14 runs, with his leg-breaks, as the Steelbacks came up just short against Lancashire.
Hampshire cricket director, Giles White, while signing Shahid Afridi stated that,

Shahid Afridi had a great impact on the team when he was playing for Hampshire the last time. Having him, this time, will be a great boost for the team. He’s a world class bowler with exceptional batting style. This year, due to the busy schedule of the top players, it is difficult to hire them. But we are happy to have Shahid Afridi with us for the whole tournament.

In reply, Afridi said,

I’m very excited to return to the South Coast, Hampshire, playing some serious cricket in Ageas Bowl in front of Hampshire’s crowd.

But yet there’s time for the NatWest T20 Blast campaign. Before that, Shahid Afridi should concentrate on the ongoing ICC T20 Champions trophy. As the captain of the team, we all have our eyes on Boom-Boom and our fingers crossed.

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