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The Do-Good Mob rocked twin cities on Valentine’s Day with community service

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Sadaf Sher
2 minutes read

The Do-Good Mob comprising of a group of people, utilized this Valentine’s Day in twin cities. They did so by providing a means for spreading out love amongst the less privileged class of society through different modes. As those of creating walls of kindness and many such creatively drawn out themes. This group of individuals took up the initiative of making the needy in need filled, less distressed and more loved.

The Do-Good Mob told Elighten,

We made a platform for people to get together and do good deeds.

There is always a scope for finding good in all situations no matter what. Where majority of people were against the all-so-hyped-up celebration of Valentine’s Day, there were yet a few of youngsters who instead of becoming a part of the cribbing and criticizing lot, found a right way of doing the right kind of thing at the most appropriate time.
This valentine’s day most of the walls of Rawalpindi and Islamabad were spotted indicating the sign of “Dewar e Mehrabani”. And not only this but the group also visited and raised funds for girl’s orphanage, old home, arranged Lunch with transgender community and kept an interactive session with poors and needy among many a few.

Students from universities of NUST and Air also participated wholeheartedly, showing their immense dedication and support for the cause. The whole community was seen involved in different kinds of innovative activities.

Our core team has 5 members but since its an initiative a number of people join us for each event. In the recent one we had over 130 students join.

“The wall of kindness” or “Dewar-e-Mehrabani”, was originally started in Iran but soon after seeped into our country as well. It is a place set up in any part of the region, where passerby are invited to “leave what you do not need” or “take it if you need.” It’s been doing wonders since then giving the deficient and deprived a reason to smile and remain optimistic.

The Do-Good mob is doing community service for past three years on Valentine’s Day. Becoming a means for dispersing smiles, spreading love and eliminating to whatever extent possible, the frustration and exasperation from those belonging to lower class.

The Do-Good mob is on the mission to spread love but in a different manner, unconditional one and involving ordinary citizens altogether. They have indulged the well-heeled to share their possessions with the poor and helpless so as to, if not all but to some extent, make them their equals in respect of the comforts and conditions of life. The response to such a great step in twin cities surprisingly was massive and quite overwhelming, giving the community motivation to continue further the profound step taken already.

One of the member told Elighten that

Our only goal is to continue what we have been doing so far. We just hope to spread joy in people’s lives.

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