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Islamabadians took social media by storm to celebrate PSL victory and snow fall

Islamabadians & snowfall


Sadaf Sher
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Seems like Wednesday evening was much of a day for Islamabadians who were delighted by both, a victorious match against Lahore Qalanders followed by Snowfall embracing the hills of Margallas. It wouldn’t be wrong saying that snow poured down on the hills of Islamabad in the liveliness of last night’s victory.

People living in plain areas adore the weather of that in northern mountains. The puffy white snow-covered serene hills attract the tourists from all over but if snow falls on the plains then it sure is a blessing for them. While the craze of Pakistanis for cricket is beyond the description of words.

The spell-bounding scenic beauty of Islamabad

The spell-bounding scenic beauty of Islamabad

The unusual happening of snowfall after 8 years was enough to bring a wave of excitement to the residents of twin city. Rain falling over the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi was soon transformed into snow fall in Islamabad sending a wave of chill across the two cities.

While on the other hand, in a striking power play held between Lahore Qalandars and Islamabad United, the match took a great turn when Shane Watson partnered with Sharjeel Khan of Islamabad United gave outstanding performance. Beating the target of 167 set by Lahore Qalandars, Watson and Khan single-handedly scored 79 runs. Each totaling to a sum of 169 scores. Shane Watson was titled coolest player of the match while Sharjeel Khan got the title of Man of the Match.

The captivating snow covered hills along with the triumph of PSL (Pakistan Super League) enchanted the inhabitants. The much fascinated dwellers and fans expressed their glee on social media with variant statuses, pictures and videos.

Dat snowfall in Islamabad tho

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