What is the role of citizens in keeping the public places clean?

keep public places like Faisal Masjid clean


Sara Riaz
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We all know the famous proverb “charity begins at home”, let’s just say that the same applies when it comes to keeping our surroundings clean. Watering the seeds and not the stems would make a crop grow into a field. The training of practicing cleanliness thus should begin at our very home. Once started, this can then be extended to schools etc. It is the duty of parents and teachers to inculcate a sense of responsibility in the children while they are in the learning and growing years their of life.

Karachi being a metropolitan has to offer alot of recreational facilities like PAF Museam, Maritime Museam, Asia’s biggest park named Bin Qasim Park, Quaid’s Mausoleum, Dream World (which is a water park) Sindbad, Aladdin park,Go-Ash Adventure Park, Port Grand, and Karachi beach. Islamabad the capital of Pakistan is second to none when it comes to having recreational sites. Rawal Lake, Pakistan Monument, Jinnah Park, Faisal Mosque, Daman-i-Koh, Margalla Zoo are the main tourist attractions in Islamabad. There are many such sites in Peshawar and Lahore as well. However, unfortunately citizens don’t bother to keep all these sites clean and they give a horrendous look specially on weekends. Bins are tired of screaming “use me”, but the citizens are probably saving energies for causes other than walking upto the dust bin and dumping the waste in it.

A View of Faisal Masjid Parking after weekend

A View of Faisal Masjid Parking after weekend.

No matter how well-designed a recreational site is, it’s beauty is spoiled by litter. Water parks can only be a source of refreshment and enjoyment when the water is clean and free of litter and fungus etc. People head towards parks with families particularly on weekends to celebrate their routine break and relax, shunning the weariness of the week. However, citizens overlook the importance of keeping these places clean and turn a deaf ear to the fact that its for their own good.

Hospital is a place where patients need a hygienic and clean environment. Some of the patients admitted in hospital wards are advised to walk around in order to feel better but unfortunately most of the hospital gardens and lawns are hardly ever clean. Attendants of patients carelessly throw away wrappers and litter the lawns. The hospital lawns present a picture of garbage lot sometimes, which can make a patient feels even more sick than better.

There are some schools in the big cities of Pakistan, for instance Karachi, which run different campaigns to spread awareness among the students regarding the importance of keeping the environment clean. One such campaign, “Cleanliness Drive” was held recently in a private school. It is held every few months. Teachers have found a fun way to promote cleanliness by helping their students to make posters and banners with quotes and slogans regarding cleanliness written creatively. The students take the responsibility of cleaning the whole school and the sweepers and cleaners are given a day off. This is a brilliant idea and a gesture that should be spread not only to the schools and colleges of big cities but also to those of the whole country.


KARACHI, PAKISTAN, NOV 23: Students are taking part in beach cleaning campaign along with their teachers and parents at Seaview in Karachi on Sunday, November 23, 2014. (S.Imran Ali/PPI Images).

KARACHI, PAKISTAN, NOV 23: Students are taking part in beach cleaning campaign along
with their teachers and parents at Seaview in Karachi on Sunday, November 23, 2014.
(S.Imran Ali/PPI Images).

The main tourist attraction of Karachi are the beaches, of which, Clifton beach is the most visited. Since thousands of people head towards it due to load shedding and hot weather in the city, through out the year it remains polluted. It is a threat to the marine life as well as human life. Realizing this fact students of different universities, schools and colleges along with citizens of the near by areas start beach cleaning campaign at different times of the year. The students have done wonders by this campaign. There is a dire need to spread awareness via the social media, by starting different campaigns regarding cleanliness in our neighborhood and localities.


The stereotype that cleaning is only the job of janitors, cleaners and those who are getting paid for it, needs to be broken. Our Holy Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) did not for once hesitate in doing his cleaning chores. He (P.B.U.H) emphasized on cleanliness so much that he regarded it as half of faith. The hadith says “cleanliness is half of your faith”. What other excuse do the citizens have for not keeping the environment and the public places clean?

Back in the old days, specifically in the villages of Pakistan, people would fix a day in the week for cleaning their Muhallas (locality). They would come out into streets and make efforts to clean the area. They would even clean the drains near their homes. This trend can be revived if the citizens take out some time from their busy schedules.

It, therefore, is the duty of each and every citizen of Pakistan to:

  1. Abstain from polluting the public places.
  2. Teach their children the importance of cleanliness in religion and society.
  3. Hold cleanliness drives in schools and colleges.
  4. Spread awareness via social media etc. regarding the harms of polluting public places.
  5. Making societies and clubs related to cleanliness campaigns consisting of well-educated members.

Have other measures can be taken to keep the public places and provoke a sense of responsibility in the citizens of Pakistan? Please do let us know by commenting below!

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  1. I always feel ashamed when i visited the faisal mosque.we turn the mosque into a picnic point.
    I didnt read ur post because of ur title “public place” this is not a all public place this is a mosque there is a differance bw this two this.

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