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Wall of Kindness becomes Deewar-e-Pakistan in Mirpur Khas



Marriyum Latif
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Currently, we all are well aware of the events that have been taking place from a past few years in our beloved country Pakistan. Most of them are not positive. The media, the hourly news, social networks now mostly compromise of a series of events that are not good to look at or hear, the daily discussions among the people of Pakistan are usually a gist of these unpleasant events; all of this is promoting a negative environment which is nothing but a mixture of fear, hopelessness, anxiety, stress and a fear of the unknown; the minds are on alert and this loop of bad vibes, discussions and breaking news is not helping at all.

In this stressful situation we all need a positive ray of hope, some random event which might be capable of pushing these fears out of the way, diminishing the anxiety and the stress, something which might bring a certain amount of reassurance that regardless of everything happening, there is always hope and goodness in this world, no matter how bad a situation gets, a positive vibe can straighten minds beyond imagination. Pakistan is in need of such an event, an event, news which can lighten up the dull hearts.

In January 2016, such an event became a ray of hope for many people; news came from Mirpur Khas, a city located in the Sindh Province. Two young Pakistani boys started a very unique project, they called it “Deewar-e-Pakistan” (Wall of Pakistan). The mind behind this idea plans to paint random walls on streets of Pakistan and label them as “Deewar-e-Pakistan”.


Afterwards, that specific area should be equipped, by the community living nearby, with basic necessities a person should have, comprising of clothes, shoes, furniture and other material goods that are useful to the poor families and persons who are in dire need of them. These two young Pakistanis, Ali Shah Mari and Ehsaan Hashmi, decided to execute their plan in a certain area of Mirpur named as Gulshan Haider by painting Pakistan’s flag on a wall and then providing used clothes and other goods for the poor people.


Both these youngsters have initiated this trend and have appealed the people to contribute as much as they can. “Deewar-e-Pakistan” can be anywhere; it’s main goal is to help poor people. They also want the community to know that they are available and ready to paint this wall anywhere. This act comes under the heading of a social service to the poor community of Pakistan, and gives away a very positive vibe in addition with hope. Little acts of kindness matter the most, and this gesture will initiate help for a lot of poor people.

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  1. Its also has been started in mircolony ,near chicks high scholl its also a second wall in mps ,donation wall num 2 with ali shah mari,asad ali mehar,ehsan and salman ahmed.

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