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Pakistani-American teacher filed a case against her student after continuous harassment

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Sadaf Sher
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Harassing women have always been a matter of concern. It’s not just the case in conservative societies like those of Pakistan, Bangladesh or India. Where women are considered to be just home-based-beings and if they dare to work outside in the world of men they are made victims to harassment. But the western world too have not spared them. In the context of said problem, Nadia Raza, a Pakistani-American tenured teacher at Lane Community College (LCC) filed a case against the school as a male student continuously tried to harass her. The school administration did not take the matter seriously which forced Ms. Raza to take the matter to court.

The male student whose name is kept a secret referring to him as S.S, is said to have been enrolled in her class of Race and Ethnicity in January 2014. Who not only harassed Ms. Raza but also stalked and threatened her according to Attorney Jennifer Middleton. She is now giving online classes to LCC students which the lawsuit claims to be a forced leave. However her repeated reports to the school authority fell on deaf ears.

Lane’s response made a terrifying situation much worse,” Raza said on Thursday in a news release.

Nadia Raza claims that she is probably frustrated and annoyed due to her religion and ethnicity. In his countless emails ‘S.S.’ have asked Raza to meet him off campus. While in an email to one of other instructors, Caroline Lundquist of LCC, S.S. mentioned that he knew that a large corporation was constantly scrutinizing him, affirmed the lawsuit.

S.S. after passing several threatening and weird comments in different classes is regarded by Public Safety Officer as a “convicted felon”. In one of his class with Ms. Caroline he even said that “other students were reading his thoughts and trying to keep him from murdering anyone.” He is also said to have received several “restraining orders” but is doing little to mend his conduct. Complaining about the fact Raza said that the school failed in protecting her while also not trying to “connect the student to mental health department”

S.S. was also spotted several times outside of Raza’s apartment in Eugene which had her in a fix and she consequently had to shift her apartment fearing the male student might harm her.

Not one or two according to the suit, S.S. have sent emails to three other female instructors asking one of them to help him contact Nadia Raza while distressing the other two with his “disturbing and delusional” messages.

In a meeting in an attempt to rejoin the campus last year, Raza was denied of several requests pertaining to teacher’s safety by LCC as stated by suit.

Joan Aschim, spokeswoman to LCC however refused to remark on the accusations, by stating that school policy refrains her from discussing prior to any decision by court.

Nadia Raza is seeking the court for LCC to compensate for her monetary losses, provide her safe working environment and directs the school to revise sexual harassment policy and student-conduct investigation.

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  1. LCC has always been anti Arabs/Muslims!!

    back in 2010 hired a bigoted, Islamophobia, hatemonger Barry Sommer to teach an anti Islam class to incite hate & bigotry against Muslims & Arabs!
    Sommer is one of the members of Act For American: Brigitte Gabriel is the champion of anti-Muslims and Islam!

    S.S. has been harassing, stalking, Nadia Raza and LCC has never taken this crime seriously!!

    I know S.S. too. He’s been stalking me for a long time! Every time I leave a comment on social media S.S. will attack me too!!

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