Investigations is destroying the e-commerce culture in Pakistan
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As the everyday life becomes busier, everyone wants to get things done in the easiest way possible. For instance, shopping, (we say that’s one hectic job to get done), consumes a lot of time. Moreover, owing to Pakistan’s unstable law and order situation, general public avoids leaving home unnecessarily. Nowadays the scope of e-commerce and online stores in Pakistan is expanding by leaps and bounds. Customers are increasing in number, with the increasing number of people going online every year. An interactive graph on Internet users (per 100 people) in Pakistan using data provided by the World Bank is as under:

View full report by World Bank

The trend of online marketing has gained pace in Pakistan, especially after some e-commerce websites like Kaymu, Daraz, Shophive and many more are investing big amounts to spark their business. As per an e-commerce specialist, Pakistan constitutes of around 200 million individuals, 9% of whom went online last year while another 30% are likely to get connected to the Internet in next three to five years (or earlier). Adding further, he said:

With such stats, Pakistan is bound to become the next major internet market. This is a potential that should be kept in mind while dealing with all things online. He added, the best thing about Internet as compared to any offline business is that you practically get unlimited number of potential customers.

Since e-commerce and online marketing is a distinct yet volatile entity, it is prone to evaporation if encountered with even a single scandal. If the government decides not to regulate e-commerce in Pakistan as early as possible, e-commerce businesses would get contaminated with fraudulent activities and would ultimately result in the destruction of e-commerce industry of Pakistan. Unfortunately, in past, some incidents have shown the dark side of e-commerce stores, like:

A person from Peshawar lost Rs. 126,000 that he paid online to acquire some computer items. His order was never delivered; neither did he receive any refund even after three months of initial transaction.

Saleem, a man from Rawalpindi, ordered something online a few months ago but the products delivered were different from what he had originally paid for. The online company denied him any refund for more than two months until he decided to go legal against them. The matter was later resolved through negotiation.

Similarly, Gaffar Ahmad, from Karachi ordered an Air Conditioner (AC) from and paid the bill through credit card in advance. After two weeks, instead of delivering the order, Daraz notified him that the AC was out of stock and that his payment would be refunded after 45 days because that’s how the banking system works. When Ahmad took the issue to social media, the CEO of had to intervene himself to get the refund.

There are hundreds of other cases that are still not brought into the limelight. We carried out a detailed case study of, an online marketplace providing consumer to consumer (C2C) as well as business to consumer (B2C) services by connecting buyers and sellers by being a mediator, to close deals on new and used items of various categories. We analyzed thousands of tweets and facebook statuses posted by the customers regarding their experience with Kaymu and found that more than 100+ people complained about the quality of products as well as poor customer service during the month of December 2015 only (statuses are embedded at the end). This number is much lower than the complaints made by the customers via Kaymu’s helpline.

Do you know: is the project of German Company Rocket Internet which is running 30+ active websites in Pakistan including FoodPanda and Daraz (Source: The Nation)

Interestingly,, a leading blog covering tech in Pakistan, published 30+ articles regarding the achievements and discounts offered by Kaymu where many people complained about the low quality of the products and wrongdoings of the Kaymu in the comments section of those articles but ProPakistani totally ignored the voice of the customers. You will find one fascinating discussion here which was totally disregarded by ProPakistani. On the other hand, TechJuice tried to highlight the severity of the situation in one of their recent article and warned the public with following words.

I would advise you to use your best judgement before going to or if you are shopping there, have someone experienced in online shopping sit with you to go over the credibility of the reseller.

One of the guys behind the marketing team at Kaymu, in a telephonic conversation with us, revealed that “they are compensating the local bloggers by providing them discount vouchers in the name of friendship token”. This is the primary reason why most of the bloggers are silent against the malpractices of Kaymu.

On inquiry with Labour and Human Resources Department – Sindh, Sindh Employees Social Security Institution (SESSI) and Employees Old-Age Benefits Institution (EOBI), we found that neither Kaymu nor ‘Rocket Internet’ is registered with said government bodies whereas, it is mandatory for a business to register with aforementioned government organizations regardless of business nature. We reached out to Federal Board of Revenue regarding tax status of Kaymu as well as Rocket Internet but have not received any reply yet. On the side note, besides Sales Tax and Services Tax, if you are running an online business in Sindh then you are required to pay provincial taxes too.

The google search trends for Kaymu are unstable as seen in the below interactive chart.

View full report by Google Trends

Here are the historical traffic trends for by Alexa:

View full report by Alexa Traffic Trend

Customers are the reason for the success of both e-commerce and online business. As an online store can address a huge population simultaneously it is quite an effective mode of business. It wouldn’t be wrong if online shopping is labelled as shopping without borders, for the online market is spread over the horizons and goes beyond seven seas. This presents with a pressing need for the government to form a regulating body for e-commerce in Pakistan so that it can facilitate the growth of online businesses.

As most business enterprises in Pakistan are ignorant of the significance of online business, the country itself is at a loss of the revenue that could have been earned otherwise. Now is the right moment for the government of Pakistan to regulate e-commerce stores under a regulating body in order to save this huge potential from going down the drain. Another important thing which government should ensure is the safety and security of customers data gathered by the online stores. This measure would not only eliminate fraudulence form online business but would also safeguard the interests of customers. As seen in the case study of Kaymu, an urgent action is required by the government so as to maintain the trust and confidence of the general public in online shopping.

For information of the readers, it is a matter of record that National Response Center for Cyber Crime (NR3C) under FIA and Consumer Courts are fully functional in Pakistan. You can register your complaint with NR3C here. Moreover, District/Session Judges are designated to provide remedies to the consumers in their respective Districts. You can find the contact details of your corresponding District Court / Consumer Court on Elighten – Government Directory or choose your province from the following form and press Search. reviews

We reached out to Kaymu, Rocket Internet as well as Asia Pacific Internet Group but did not hear back so far. If we do, we’ll update the piece.

This article is a part of our ongoing investigation on e-commerce industry in Pakistan. Do you have any suggestion for the betterment of the e-commerce industry? Leave a comment to let us know!


  1. Kaymu is the project of ECART Services Pakistan (PVT.) which is registered with Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan vide Corporate Universal Identification Number (CUIN) 0079180.
  2. It has been reported by the sellers at Kaymu that Kaymu encourages favoritism while dealing with sellers.
  3. We have received the official response from the Kaymu mentioning that they are registered with all the concerned government bodies. We requested them to provide a documentary proof before we update this investigation. Moreover, we also requested them to comment on customers experience with Kaymu beside their future plan of action to address the complaints of the customers on urgent basis so that this whole effort can be used as a laboratory for the growth of e-commerce stores in Pakistan.
  4. It has been reported by multiple sources that Kaymu is providing fake coupons as well. We will soon publish an exclusive interview with one of the affectees and her experience with Kaymu’s customer support.

Recent customer reviews about Kaymu

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  1. The only thing I have come to know about is that its just a fraud its my personal experience of 6 months back I ordered a imported branded wrist watch on kaymu but what I received was a cheap , low standard local watch being sold in streets by vendors. On complaining Mr. Salman & Kiezer Xavier ( Rep) asked me to send watch back to check and if the complaint is to be true kaymu will exchange that item with original brand. After few weeks was admitted that the complaint was genuine and trying to contact the seller. But did nothing at all neither they blocked that brand nor returned money . And still not responding to me that’s why I have shared my personal experience to unveil kaymu’s fraud dealings with intentions to save others for any kind of inconvenience …..
    Order Number: 202849392
    Sent back to
    Tracking ID : 59204218
    Courier Company : Leopard
    Dated : 23-09-2015.

  2. Since September 2015, my wrist watch is in custody of KAYMU.PK , then why they are not responding me or giving me wrist watch ? I placed more than 5 orders , all stuff were third class like “Pathans” sale in streets. I had sent back but no answer since 6 months from They are cheating and doing cyber crime.

  3. Kaymu fraud 
    Order Number: 202849392
    I purchased a wrist watch on kaymu online, they sent a different third class watch and collected money for the good one, so i returned as per their instructions it for to kaymu warehouse karachi . I waited for them for 6 months.After a week “Kiezer Xavier Francis (Kaymu Pakistan)”
    call me that “we are sorry to you because the seller is not responding. And I am still awaiting. Not receive money nor watch.

    Seller Name: watch town
    Return Address: KAYMU RETURN: 12/C KPT Warehouse, Main Kolachi Road, Karachi )
    City: KARACHIvin adress (. But I am still awaiting positive response from your side.

    Tracking ID : 59204218
    Courier Company : Leopard
    Dated : 23-09-2015-
    See more at:

  4. Kaymu fraud 
    Order Number: 202849392
    I purchased a wrist watch on kaymu online, they sent a different third class watch and collected money for the good one, so i returned as per their instructions it for to kaymu warehouse karachi . I waited for them for 6 months.After a week “Kiezer Xavier Francis (Kaymu Pakistan)”
    call me that “we are sorry to you because the seller is not responding. And I am still awaiting. Not receive money nor watch.

    Seller Name: watch town
    Return Address: KAYMU RETURN: 12/C KPT Warehouse, Main Kolachi Road, Karachi )
    City: KARACHIvin adress (. But I am still awaiting positive response from your side.

    Tracking ID : 59204218
    Courier Company : Leopard
    Dated : 23-09-2015-

  5. Also look into, while they are not a total scam but most of their “flash” or “9 rs” sales are. They often offer products for just shipping charges of Rs. 135 but only a handful receive them.

  6. You really expose and their mal practices and also its very good lesson for @Aamir Atta and other paid bloggers to being silent against injustice. And yes using name like “propakistani” even they doesn’t understand its meaning and its respect to be proPakistani

    I must congratulate to you and your team for this effort!

  7. I have been the victim of the same by KAYMU.PK … I Ordered shoes and I received the wrong product. They keep calling me for some time but I didn’t get the shoes that I ordered, neither received refund.

  8. I would rather agree with the context here, being a consistent online buyer for past couple of years I also have faced such embarrassment from I believe one of the major reason is missing quality checks such as the vendor gets the order directly and then ships the product himself to the buyer, in such conditions has no control over quality and the time duration it requires to get delivered.

    A much better but small scale web store is DOMART.PK which I found to be very good in terms of product range, quality of stuff, delivery and customer support. I would recommend to visit it at least once.

  9. Your article is outstanding exposing kaymu fraud and cheating.I have personal experience with kaymu which was pathetic.most of seller on kaymu are f***king fraud and they sell s**t to buyer not even a single seller is original in fact this kaymu is a group of cheaters and b******s,excuse my language but this is fact and I must raise voice to govt.authorities to ban/block this shit and the owner of this fraudulant company shud call upon in consumer court.

  10. andd i thought, i was amongst a few.. haha,
    what the blog writer said about is absolutely right. I have had two bad experiences ever in my 4 year’s e—shopping life and both were witb, first they send me a product with different size and color which was quite acceptable as somebody else could wear that, but at 2nd, they have sent worst quality loafers shoes instead of a formal shoe being ordered, which wear out after 2nd turn. And the response was “they were unable to trace down the supplier of the product”. What the hell that means? They dont even know if the supplier or the products mentioned on their websites are genuine or not?

  11. They are really ruining e-commerce. Once they dispatched damaged order and received the payment on the spot as they first receive cash then handover the product. When I complained them about damaged product they just given me the direct contact of supplier. Supplier asked me to deliver the damage product at his place and he will dispatch new product for me but it has been more than 8 month I haven’t received anything. I keep calling him but still he says order will be delivered soon. Moreover Kaymu is not taking any resposibility and still used to keep the products of that fraud supplier on their store.

    After that I have literally stopped purchasing anything online. In Pakistan it doesn’t seems reliable.

  12. It is cleary told to every buyer or sellers that only provides a plateform to us and kaymu plays a role of mediator..So they always educate people that how they can choose a product by seeing sellers ratings and feedback so that there must be no wrong product delivered or low quality product delivered..
    So i think people should see details before placing an order.. rocks !! Im satisfied with the products and services they provide ????????

    1. LOL they always educate people? More like, they feed on their ignorance to get sales and when the time comes for them to respond to complaints, they slap their prepared speeches on customers’ faces.

  13. is an registered entity under SECP as mentioned above, so this puts doubts on authenticity of the facts depicted in the article. Furthermore I believe rather than blaming anyone else we need to educate people to read the model of Kaymu, THEY ARE JUST MEDIATOR BETWEEN SELLER & BUYER.

    I have purchased several times from Kaymu and I am quite satisfied because i always order after checking seller’s rating and feedback. yes i had few complaints too but I really liked when Kaymu contacted me and got my issues resolved from the seller which usually doesn’t happen in ebay or aliexpress who are running the same model as kaymu. I am now their frequent buyer and now they have given the option to launch a dispute too under the return policy and all sellers are bound to resolve buyer’s issue.

    So i believe let’s not discourage, in fact let’s be optimistic because we have seen tremendous boom in eCommerce with the entry of Daraz & Kaymu etc with a lot more opportunities of business, growth and jobs.

  14. kaymu itself not deliver order so don’t blame kaymu blame the buyer and kaymu take step to discourage all those buyer who deliver low quality products but unfortunetly in kaymu i see favouriteism if you have friendship with kaymu manager then you take diamond seller badge with bad quality products i am also a kaymu seller one of my buyer order 4 item but 2 order have very very low quality that’s why he said cancel my order and i lost the order kaymu need to maintain quality and blacklist all those buyer who don’ t provide good quality products.

  15. This is so terrible…. People already don’t trust online buying systems and here they are showing such poor services and even not driveling the right items. Govt. should take some steps to ensure the quality of online shopping. E-commerce is just starting here. hope things get better in future.

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