What will be the impact of Pakistan Super League on National Economy?

Pakistan Super League
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We all know that cricket is the favorite sports of Pakistan. Everyone plays and watches it enthusiastically no matter he is a kid, youngster or an adult.It awakens a new level of patriotism in all Pakistanis. People look forward to new matches. As we all heard about Pakistan Super League a while ago and were waiting for it anxiously-finally the much awaited league is starting in February 2016. The Pakistan Super League (PSL) will not only be a source of entertainment for all of its viewers but it will also prove to be very beneficial for the economy of Pakistan, which is a new hope for us in the current political conditions.

Pakistan Super League (PSL) can make a very huge impact on the economy of Pakistan by giving an opportunity to the business sector of the country to invest in certain franchise. PSL will provide ease for top class investors or team owners in laundering their money. These investors will advertise, market and promote their franchises so that these will actually be a product which they can use for their benefit.

PSL is promoting sports, which will result in an increased amount of sports training centers not just in specific areas, but in more different cities of the country which will help in producing more sports jobs; eventually increasing the economy of the country. Also, awareness about sports will result in increasing awareness about fitness and health in the people.

For each ticket sold to PSL audience, there is some form of tax that is charged by the government and is paid by the viewers. It is a kind of consumption. Money is brought into the economy, benefiting many industries like cricket equipment manufacturer to apparel makers. In any form when some tax is paid, profit is earned and consumption occurs. It brings dormant or idle money which otherwise would not have been spent.

PSL will become popular in the world which will increase Pakistan’s exports in entertainment and sports, by direct broadcasting and also through potentially merchandising revenues.

PSL is an event in which money is earned through sponsorship, broadcasters, cellular service providers, websites (retail sites for buying team shirts and other accessories), websites for ticket bookings, ground advertisements including various other innovative advertising techniques and brand ambassadors.

Pakistan Super League (PSL) will positively result in the growth of Pakistan’s business sector which in turn will grow our country’s economy by creating job opportunities, decreasing the rate of poverty and eventually increasing the development of Pakistan.

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