This 9 Year Old Boy is the youngest Guest Speaker for IT security in Pakistan

IT security


Bibi Sayed
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In the modern era, the emergence of information technology brings great chances to promote the skills and talents of individuals all around. Information technology has not only brought enormous improvements in business, but the entire human life as a whole. It has brought the world closer enough and provided the platform to prove the individuals’ skills to the world level without any restriction or hurdles regarding age or gender.

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Muhammed Huzair Awan is the revolutionary star in the field of cyber security (IT security) who broke all the records in Microsoft Certified Professionals (MCP). It was a great chance to interview him on his achievement as being a chief guest speaker for IT security in Pakistan. His honor as a chief guest is highly remarkable in the history of Pakistan. He is just nine years old, but his genius made him unbeatable throughout the world with many honorary awards and chances to deliver his energetic and thoughtful ideas in front of the world as a youth mentor.

Muhammed Huzair Awan

He said that he got much support from his iconic father and his teachers. Since he was in grade 2 he was attracted to computer labs. When he was 5 years old he learnt about the Windows XP installation. He took proper courses to polish his skills in the field of IT. He got command over windows installation, windows login passwords and data recovery. At the age of 7, he made himself prepare for IT security exam at the recommendation of his teacher to break the records of all certified professionals.

According to him, it was very tough to qualify for the exam as he had no sample or any certified person’s guidance but he tried hard and obtained 78% marks. His accomplishment boosts him up to spread the awareness among the students and teachers who relate to the field of information security. He attends workshops, conferences and seminars. Being the pride of Pakistan, he explores his identity to the national level to provide motivation and inspiration to students who are full of spirit but resting in deep slumber.

Muhammed Huzair Awan

Nowadays he is studying electrical engineering at FAST university as an unofficial student to highlight his skills at the university level. His achievements and awards are enlisted below:

  • Microsoft Certified Professional in IT security.
  • Punjab government awarded him “Governor Punjab Award Sheild-2014”
  • Abdul Qadir Khan Medal awarded by Nazria Pakistan Council, Islamabad-2015
  • Arfa Karim foundation awarded a Gold Medal-2014
  • Fakhr-e-Pakistan Award is given by Ameer-e-Jamaat Islami Siraj-ul-Haq
  • National Computer University-FAST (NUCES-society) as an honorary member.
  • IEEE-PAKISTAN Awarded Brand Ambassador, Pakistan-2014
  • Chief Minister Young Mobilization Committee awarded National Icon 2014
  • SYNERGY- Computers Ltd. awarded a Laptop (HP- Core I7) 2013
  • Secretary and Computer Teacher in Cyber Brain Education
  • Education Minister of Punjab Rana Mashood Ali awarded Special Achievement Award
  • Respected Dr. Majeed Nizami, Chairman Nawa-e-Waqt and Nazria Pakistan Council awarded Shield

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