10 things you will miss about university life after completing education

University life


Sara Riaz
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Out of all the stages of life, university life is the one in which you are expected to behave like an adult. While deep inside you are still that kid who wants to be carefree and cherish every moment.

No matter how stressed you are right now due to daily grind of university, even the littlest of things will make your trip down the memory lane beautiful and cheery once you recall it later in life. Your eyes might well up when the slide show would play in your mind or you might find yourself rolling on the floor laughing. Millions of things make your university life bearable and leave certain memories imprinted upon your mind that you will cherish upon later in life.

If we have entered a phase we have to leave it behind one day. As Shakespeare explains this norm thought provokingly,

All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances.

There are gazillion things to be remembered but some of them are always prominent in your memory.

1. Friends

Friends are like our siblings from other parents. The way we use to copy each other’s assignments, the way we gossip, the way we make our friends teach us a certain topic, the way we laugh at things like crazy even though they are not funny, the way we break rules together, the way we claim them, the way we fight, borrow money, the way we mark each other’s proxy attendance; all of this will grievously be missed by us. Since all the students will part their ways by the end of graduation, life would not be the same without our friends.

2. Sleeping in the lecture hall

It seems as if the lecture is a lullaby that puts most of us to sleep. If anyone is suffering from insomnia he should attend an hour-long lecture and he will surely doze off. That sound sleep is going to be missed. The way we look at the clock and the way last five minutes of the lecture take 5 hours to pass is a wonder of time itself. We would not experience this time-lapse ever again.

3. Perks of being a senior

Being a university senior has its own charm. You have an impact on the juniors. Juniors of your department always ask you for guidance and you start boasting off how your year went so well and how every teacher knows you.

4. VIVA: Entering like a hopeless case and exiting like a celebrity

That time in examination will be remembered by all of us when we would enter to give viva to our professors as if our world is going to end, while we exit the room like a celebrity. On our way out our poor class fellows start asking, “kia poocha, kia poocha?”. They start interviewing you as if you just won a battle. Deep inside you know how messed up your viva went but you tell them, “it was just a piece of cake,” followed by a whisper, “which fell into a volcano.”

5. The mighty “Samosa”

That wonderful feeling we get when we take the first bite of Cafeteria’s steaming samosa has no match. Where else would we get the fun in our snacks and chai other than our very own university cafeteria? This one samosa keeps us going for the rest of the day. Our science teacher used to teach us that glucose is the instant source of energy. However, Samosa makes us give a second thought to this fact because it alone charges us up.

6. Wearing the same color-Following Themes

One day or the other the whole class decides to wear the same color. It does not matter if there is a special occasion or not, the whole lot of hundred students will either go purple or red or black or yellow, and those few who do not follow the code get deathly glares from the rest of the class.

7. Library

For university students the library is a place where they can take a deep breath and focus on what they are studying. But for some its the place where they take a sigh of relief, sit and go through the news papers or magazines. You get everything at one place for your assignments, researches and tests. Easy access to the internet is one great facility. To top it all, attacking the library to check who is studying for exams from our class is an old practice. If you spot the studious one, he can’t run now. The questioning session begins as, “Where did you study this from?”

8. Parties and Annual dinners

Welcome Parties, Farewell, Musical Evenings, Raising Day, Sports Gala, Pakistan Day, Independence Day and Bake Sale add fun to our university life. If it wasn’t for these routine-breaks our lives would have been dull and monotonous. The preparations of these functions start about a week before. Every other person pretends to be so busy in the preparation that he presents this as an excuse even to skip a class.

8. Faculty Members; Our spiritual parents

No matter how much we bother them, invite their wrath by submitting assignments after due date, arriving half an hour late in the class and talk despite of being warned once, we still are nothing without them. Their beautiful words that we now overlook will echo in our minds at decision-making stages of our lives. They add to our personality and make us able to step in the professional world.

9. Attending a Birthday Party or Two every month

As there are more than hundred students in a class we get to celebrate and attend a party or more every month. Otherwise who gets to eat a chocolate cake every month and that too several times? Wishing them happy birthday in chorus at the top of our lungs. Showering snow sprays, breaking party poppers, spreading cake all over the face of the birthday person. All this is going to be sorely missed.

10. Being part of the university clubs and societies

University Clubs and Societies give you many opportunities to polish your talents and bring out the best in you. It might be a hidden debater, social worker, musician, artist, actor, pianist, sportsman or anything you are good at.

Its our memories that will remain. These memories are adding golden pages in our lives. Lets make sure we don’t add a regretful page to this book and fill it with precious and beautiful moments.
What will you miss the most about your university life?

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