Its time to say Hello to 2016 with dedication

Happy New Year


Hiba Khalid
2 minutes read

With New Year arrival find the following inspirations for yourself and kick off the year with a complete new perspective.

A Letter to Myself

New Year, new beginnings are no doubt cheering and captivating. The year 2015 is over and the sun of 2016 is shining upon us. Some good and some old memories have been locked down in brain or may be on digital media. On this occasion of a new beginning a new hope every single person out there should write an editorial letter to himself/herself. Reflect upon the person you see in mirror, appreciate the age lines that show courage, bravery and passion. Embrace everything may it be pain or happiness. Learn to educate and appreciate the person you have been with since birth-Your very own soul. Don’t imprison over the hate or sadness find the light in the darkest tunnels because it is when things get most interesting. On New year take a paper and a pen be old and classic a write a letter of thank you to yourself for being kind, patient, brave and helpful. Tell yourself to be better in the coming year more for others than for yourself. The soul will find its peace in comforting others. Happy new year.

Things don’t change we do

With New Year just around, there are many people who are capable and talented enough to change the surroundings they live in and bring out a better world for them. This is fatiguing and hard work is crucial to achieve such great changes in society. The point to ponder on New Year’s arrival is to understand the inner power ever human was born with. No other species has the same power that humans do. It is simple yet the most agonizing difficult task to achieve change. The perception of human mind is what we polish it to be. The brain sees what we wish to see. Its principles is our decision. If we wish to see a better world we would. However if we abandon the good will and focus on hardships and mourn it gets tamed the other way. Don’t try to change the environment or things you own or may be people you know. Change the person your heart works every day to keep alive. Change yourself for the better; a new car or a new purse or a new friend does not define who you are. The same old you in same old dress with a vision defines the new you. We all need to stop trying so hard to be a society like others. The beauty is in originality not in duplicity. Be original and be reasonable and things will change for you; you won’t be changing for things anymore.

A metaphor could save your life

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