What Quaid-e-Azam and Allama Iqbal dreamed about Pakistan?

Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah & Allama Muhammad Iqbal's dreams


Aleena Naqvi
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The most common statement that is given by our political leaders is that their aim is to build Pakistan, the Pakistan of Quaid and Iqbal. But they all have failed to tell people or educate them about what exactly was the vision of these two distinguished leaders regarding Pakistan?

Quaid-e-Azam envisioned this state to be a welfare state where democratic principles will prevail and each and every citizen, whether Muslim or non-Muslim, will be safe here. Throughout the history of Pakistan we can see that the struggle of Quaid was focused on his firm belief in democratic principles. His belief was evident in all the decisions on the party basis as well as on national basis. He always stressed on the fact that the Holy Qur’an holds a complete code for life. It is a guide for a complete and efficient social, political, economic, judicial, criminal and penal code.

Quaid in his address to the Bar Association of Karachi on Holy Prophet’s Birthday on 25th January, 1948, clearly stated that:

Islam and its idealism have taught us democracy.

He had staunch belief that the salvation of Muslim world lies only in the golden teaching of the greatest teacher, Hazrat Muhammad. The opinion of the public and their welfare was very important to him. His three golden principles, ‘unity, faith, discipline’ are the best indications on what he wanted this society to be.

Protection of minority was one of the major concerns of Quaid. He said that:

I am going to constitute myself the protector-general of the Hindu minority in Pakistan.

He wanted to build a society in which tolerance, compassion and equality prevailed and things like corruption, inefficiency, mismanagement and ignorance will be scarce.

In Quaid’s view, provincialism was a curse that could destroy nations and he wanted his people to be united under one banner and that was the banner of nationalism. Quaid pointed that rights of an individual are the basic and most fundamental thing to ensure a prosperous and just society. He was a firm believer in the liberty of every human being

He wanted to create a society where the underprivileged felt safe and the leaders would do everything possible for the poor people of the society. He said that:

The purpose of whole struggle was that we want to do everything that is possible for the poor.

He wanted his society to be educated and not ignorant.

Allama Iqbal who was the man behind the concept of Pakistan also shared Quaid’s view that the Muslims can find their lost glory only through following the teachings of Qur’an and if the infrastructures of a society are built on these principles, it will definitely be one of the most successful societies in the world. The principles of Qur’an are for every time and situation, they are everlasting. There is no problem whose solution is not present in this Holy book and Allama Iqbal was aware of the power of the teachings of Islam and Quran and that is why, throughout his poetry he urged Muslims of that time to follow them. He wanted a society where people struggled for better life as he said:

The active life with all its ups and downs is better than a stagnant one. Even a dove can become an eagle when it makes desperate efforts to get out of the trap.

Unfortunately the history of Pakistan shows all the pivotal times when we forgot or neglected the vision of these two prolific leaders, while making national and international decisions. That is why the Pakistan of today is not at all like the one that was dreamed by these two great leaders. There is lack of tolerance and compassion has become rare. Whereas corruption, mismanagement and nepotism seems to rule the society. It is important that we study the life of these great leaders in order to understand the essence of society that they wanted to build.

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