Pakistan’s ​first ever mobile phone assembly plant by Haier is operational now

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On 23rd December 2015, ‘Haier’ a renowned global brand of home appliances and other electronic products, inaugurated Pakistan’s first ever cell phone assembly plant. The digital revolution, known as the third industrial revolution has long begun. While Pakistan is busy tackling its internal and external security threats, most of the developing and developed countries have been in a race to outdo in the field of technology and telecommunication and have proved their courage and spirit. Products of technology such as smart phones, tablet computers, laptops etc. made by foreign companies have always been imported into Pakistan. However, the costs born are very high and there has always been a dire need to develop these products locally and provide high quality products to Pakistani people at an affordable cost.

The following tweet marked the beginning of a new phase of development in the Industry of Pakistan.

Haier is a significant electronics brand that is of Chinese origin. It started operating in Pakistan in 1984. Haier marked 30 years of its glorious presence in Pakistan this year. Haier takes pride in achieving most of its milestones in 1 score year and ten.

Haier group of companies were looking into options for developing a smart phone assembly plant in Pakistan. They had expressed their concern in a high level meeting with Anusha Rehman, Minister of state for IT and Telecom in late August. Haier officials had said that due to increased usage and demand of smart phones after 3G/4G auction in Pakistan, there is a dire need of a smart phone manufacturing facility in the country.

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) and Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication (MoITT) fulfilled their promise they had made with the delegation of Haier Pakistan. Which is headed by Zeeshan Qureshi, the CEO of Haier Pakistan. And provided full cooperation in launching first ever smart phone assembly plant of Pakistan.
Zeeshan Qureshi, said:

It took the company just seven months to achieve what would take other companies a few years to reach the same objective, which is what prompted plans to expand operations at a much higher scale.

The total cost of Haier manufacturing plant is estimated to be around $5 million and is located near Lahore. This plant aims to assemble 1.5 million devices per year. This plant is a part of Pak-China strategic vision from Haier group to expand operations in Pakistan.

Now that Haier cell phone assembly plant is operational, the doors for considering similar investments in Pakistan will be opened for other companies as well. This plant will prove to be a boost for the economy of Pakistan. Export of Pakistan made mobiles will make a percentage of Pakistan’s export revenue. Establishment of Haier assembly plant will prove beneficial in utilizing the skilled workforce of Pakistan by creating job opportunities. Such projects are the need of current situation of Pakistan as they engage the youth of Pakistan in a positive and productive activity. Haier has taken a great step by Investing in Pakistan, and putting its trust in the people of Pakistan. This initiative is of great importance to the economy of Pakistan as it has paved a way that leads to the growth of Industry of Pakistan.

This is not the first time that Haier has played its role in expanding the global digital revolution to Pakistan, as it has already provided almost 100,000 laptops to the talented students as a part of ”Prime minister’s Laptop Program”.

Government of Pakistan signing contract for buying 100,000 laptops from Haier.

Government signing a contract of buying 100,000 laptops from Haier.

Haier, that carries a logo of Inspired living has thus been successful in gaining trust of Pakistan’s youth and has given them a reason to believe in the fact that Pakistan can excel in the field of Information and technology and telecommunication. Haier’s initiative of assembly plant has gained appreciation from Pakistanis and has been considered to be a commendable job. Pakistanis look forward to more of such projects that will lay the foundations of a prosperous and developed Pakistan.

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