Best places for a Date in Peshawar

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Peshawar, the capital of Khyber Pukhtunkhwa and the city of Pashtuns has always been attractive with all manner of dating opportunities for you and your loved one. It is considered as a haven of eating options suited for all kinds of bank accounts.

In case you have an anniversary or a unique event to celebrate with your partner or perhaps you’re simply attempting to spice up a weekend and trying to do something different that will bring you and your loved one closer, from a lovely dinner to the long hour chat with a hot cup of coffee, there are many such spots for in Peshawar where you can easily enjoy yourself. Here are couples of romantic places to visit that will make your date significantly more intriguing, romantic and somewhat less nerve-wracking.

Ronaqi Sheraz

Spending an evening at Ronaqi Sheraz with a traditional cuisine is such a delicious idea. This is a great, pocket friendly option for a first date or spending your special moments. It is also ideal for long chats, with minimal disturbance and lots of Pakistani and Afghani food options.

Chief Burger

In case you are looking for a place which will not burden up your budget and some place which provides the perfect setting to impress your date, chief burger is your best option. It is the best fast food eatery in the town. Prior it was just popular for its burgers but now it serves various types of pizzas too. This could definitely make your evening together a fun and pleasurable experience.


KFC is the perfect place to go on a first date to break the ice! Some of us are definitely more junk foodies than others and would prefer a good junk meal. Here’s your chance to make a date out of it. It’s surprisingly inexpensive and an ideal place for you two to sit back and bond under the KFC hall.

Habibi Restaurant

This is for when two adventurous foodies are dating. Notably better than most of the places you’ll discover in the city, the rooftop eatery at Habibi’s is made for summer night dinning. The menu is meat-substantial, with the odors of the grill wafting through the air to work up your appetite. An evening at the Habibi restaurant is the perfect way to spend a few romantic hours with your date.

Army Stadium

There’s nothing like walking hand in hand through the army stadium and spending the afternoon or evening. It is a huge park with plenty of sights and fragrance. There’s a great place just in the city where you can go on a breathtaking tour around a beautiful amusement park rides, fast food, and local fabrics, handicrafts and souvenirs and experience the joy of togetherness.

The city of Peshawar is full of life and amazing places to be at, made all the more special when you’re with your special someone.

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