Top U.S lawmakers blame Pakistan for supporting terrorists



Hiba Khalid
3 minutes read

Pakistan has been called the ‘Haven of Terrorism’ by US lawmakers repeatedly and allegedly. Political parties and lawmakers have been defying a legitimate fact about terrorism. It is a two-faced mirror, as woody said, “War against Terrorism is terrorism”. Pakistan has surely been fighting against terrorism and the ‘haven’ is long been blamed for the wrong side of mirror.

Concerns related to Pakistan’s nuclear growth have been in discussion by the US Lawmakers and Political agencies. The conceptual and unrealistic blame presents a more condescending perspective of US over the country. The blame of list and financial aids provided to ensure a terror free zone is huge and degrading. The nation has been blamed repeatedly for ‘Islamist Extremism’, which by the context, is not relevant to religion or actual practices of Islam. The current agenda of blame game focuses on accusation of terrorism growth as well as increase in nuclear sanctuaries. The freedom of speech and prosperity perhaps ends when it comes to blaming third world countries and in particular, Pakistan.

In recent context of events, the Powerful House Foreign Affairs Committee held a reassurance meeting over Pakistan’s agenda of “Counter Terrorism” plans and the educational reforms that are subject to American preferences. The financial aids provided by the US government sums up to a rough estimate of 30 billion dollars since September, 2001 to help and facilitate the so-called terrorism agenda in the country. More actually Islamabad, the peaceful and beautiful capital has been accused for representing a more peaceful side than it actually has. American government has long sought to diminish terrorism by educating people and providing funds to initialize counter terrorism activities. All the financial aid was said to be revoked in future if Pakistani Government does not meet the expected milestones of anti-terrorism. However, president Obama sets his faith in the government and did not fuel the request or agenda; supporting the government of Pakistan by declaring it as an active participant in diminishing terrorism. Not only from the country but has the hopes of ending it throughout the world.

Manifesting president Obama’s views; the Pakistani Government invigorated a National Action Plan in 2015 to safeguard against militancy after the Peshawar school attack incident. Many operations have since been launched to ensure National Security. Pakistan has been striving against terrorism because it has been a victim itself for decades. Innocent lives have been taken away and pain has been inflicted by the terrorist groups. Yet to date Pakistan is called as ‘Infrastructure of Hate’, ‘Haven of terrorism’,  ‘Intolerant Message Providers’ and many other demeaning statements and titles have been brutally assigned to shun the reputation and effort of government in eradicating terrorism.

Pakistan has been supported by the US President Obama often times on the concern of annihilating schools and centers that are possible sanctuaries for terrorism activities stating National Action Plan as the brewer for counter-terrorism. All in all the Lawmakers have accused and blamed the nation. However on the other side Pakistan is proudly fighting against terrorism on many levels and will continue to spread peace and ensure National Security.

As Vladimir Putin said “Terrorism has no nationality or religion”; In closure, no nation shall be allegedly blamed for it besides its active & functioning movement to achieve peace.

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