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The internet crimes like hacking are spreading day-by-day by giving the threat to the users and making it difficult to share the confidential data online. Everyone is familiar with the fact that how much online shopping trends are expanding and vividly taking the place of manual purchasing systems. While submitting information online for shopping, lots of people in Pakistan don’t examine the site and they eventually have to face the severe circumstances like loss of money. For creating awareness, this article is focusing on the advantageous factors for identifying safe and trustworthy online shopping sites like Amazon and Kaymu.

Observe the web address of the shopping site

Web Address

The address bar you observe is present at the top of every web browser which displays the complete website URL. You might have seen that each website address starts with either http or https. This is the ‘hypertext transfer protocol’ that is the web rule for distributive information systems. The website that starts with https instead of http is given the preference because the letter ‘s’ at the end is for security and all the communication from your browser to the website is encrypted. Https is must for safe shopping site’s address.

Website has padlock icon

Pad lock

Another security symbol of web address is the icon of padlock. Most of the site URLs like that of Wikipedia have the icon of a small lock that represents the site is safe and the connection is highly private. This is best for online transactions. When the icon is clicked, small tab is opened which illustrates the technical details of permissions and connections by the authentic statement of privacy.

Complete contact details on the site

contact details

Real and authentic shopping companies never hesitate to provide their entire contact details on their websites. Before proceeding with the purchase, it is important to check whether there is any information of physical location, email address and valid phone numbers for assistance. Even if these contacts are present, just try to make a call and ask any technical details regarding the product or other services to get an idea how much they know about shopping tactics.

Presence of privacy statement


This is legal document that has the reliable statements of how the company gathers, uses and manages the customer data. This privacy law assures you that there will be no sort of data loss. Plus details of address, name, date of birth, financial records, credit information or medical history will be kept safe. The minor explanation of how customer can access and update his or her submitted information can also be stated. The shopping site that has this policy is definitely trustworthy for everyone.

Prices of products should not be too low

low price

Moderate costs and too low costs are two different terminologies in the case of product prices. The decline of prices that is shown on the site should be reasonable and fair. The too low ranges of costs are not possible for any company to offer to the customers. If such scenario is there, don’t proceed with the purchase.

Your personal details are the most essential aspects of your life so never risk them in any case and follow the above steps to have a safe and sound purchase.

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