See how individuals and organizations are paying tribute to APS Peshawar victims

Black day 16 Dec, remembering APS Peshawar massacre


Hiba Khalid
2 minutes read

16th December marked when the Peshawar attack took place, it was a dark day in the history of not only Pakistan but of all humanity. It has been one year since the massacre was committed. Today, a year later people from all over the world stood up and paid their respects n the honor of young martyred children. Humanity is on the streets of Pakistan today, every rich poor, privileged or unprivileged is deep in sea of love and honor for the young souls. ISPR sent out a strong and loud message out in the world that said ‘we have to teach the children of our enemies’. No better message then declaring peace and humanity for men that committed the unthinkable. As Indira Gandhi said:

Martyrdom does not end something, it is only the beginning.

And so has the strong Pakistan held its head up high and took the power of every innocent soul and brought peace and humanity to all.

Many organizations have put together strong visual messages to pay their respects in the most decent and reasonable manner. Pakistani nation today have shown how courageously they stand up to atrocities. Not a soul will forget and not a single tribute would go to waste. The nation breaths with every second of every tribute presented for the martyrs of APS Peshawar and will keep breathing till there is nothing but peace in Pakistan.

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