Islamabad is soon going to be the safest city in Pakistan

Surveillance in Islamabad


Hiba Khalid
3 minutes read

In Italian the word used for ‘Safe Haven’ is ‘Rifugio’. Islamabad is however going to be in the list of the most ‘Al Sicuro’ or more precisely the safest city in Pakistan. Islamabad being the capital of Pakistan holds a responsibility to adhere and reflect safe environment to the outside world. In addition to current circumstances of terrorism held in the third world countries, the Interior Ministry took up the responsibility of installing CCTV cameras to fight general terrorism and other security issues faced at the moment. It is a positive step towards achieving more harbored and constructive environment in Pakistan. Security of Pakistan’s ‘Rifugio’ is of utmost importance in the eyes of government thus the efforts to initiate the multi-billion surveillance project are on their way.

The safe city project has been called a revival project for Islamabad since this project was initiated by the Government of Pakistan in past as well. The project is currently under the supervision of Interior Ministry, as Chaudhry Nisar took over the position of Interior Minister. The Interior Minister Mr. Nisar has performed in-depth analysis and presented the solution of installing over 2000 surveillance camera to fight against crime and terrorism in general.


The general public and non-public opinion is of mixed nature. However the majority is always regarded as authority; consequently the result of securing Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan is a wise and productive decision to take. This will not only help government fight terrorism and crime, in addition it will improve the outlook of security detail and conceptualization in Pakistan. It is the duty of government to create more secure living standards for people of the nation and there is no better place to start from capital.

The word of mouth exhibits the criticized version for such an advanced step and the monetary excess it will bring with itself. The nation somehow should logically understand the need of surveillance and digital guard posting in modern times. This change will not only secure the Capital-Islamabad but it will initialize a new advent towards automating and securing public sector sites all over Pakistan. Currently the project acceptance revolves around capital and all the Public, Government, Business and educational sectors. In near future the project’s success will be able to stretch its wings and take security details to all areas of Pakistan and ensure more crime free zones in Pakistan.

Chinese resources amazingly helpful and considerate as always have once again offered and renewed the contract for a more terrorism and crime free Pakistan. According to the Minister all the exit, entry and junction points of Islamabad will be under surveillance. The project of safe city along with other projects such as economic corridor and freeways are taking Pakistan to a new standing among other countries. The progress and developments help present the actual realization of public in the country. This not only helps changing how our country is perceived internationally; but indeed it brings about a more confident and self-realized perspective for the people of Pakistan.

The Quaid’s long lived dream of a prosperous and secure Pakistan has been on the rolling meter since almost Pakistan was born; the realistic and logical implications have been trying to set up their mark in history for a few decades now. The dream has been long fetched as reality and as for now the reality is being lived by the people. As it has been said

A dream held strongly for long enough does eventually turn into reality.

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