Possible impacts of Local Government Elections in Pakistan

A Pakistani election officer gets thumb impression of a voter on a ballot in elections.


Hiba Khalid
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Possible Impacts of local government elections in Pakistan good governance, a mere concept or reality in Pakistan is a question that has been asked and answered in the past few years. The election history and aiming possibilities of government bodies indicate how important is the public opinion and public selection is to a running country and a fluctuating Economy.

But, does it actually resolve any of the issues Pakistan is addressed with at the moment?

The LG Elections are determined at resolving local issues in correspondence to public needs and demands. Devolution of power ensures a more positive outlook for the people as well as on the international market. The governing bodies under this act of division are authorized and instructed with responsibilities they will be held accountable for. The local government bodies thus ensure ‘Hope for a considerate future’ among the masses.

By updating the hierarchy of government, more work and less corruption can be expected as a result set, since every local body is responsible for the milestones they ought to work on and to finish the designated priorities within budget and with excellence. One of the most important and crucial changes Local Government bodies bring into the system is he ‘Clarity’ and translucent performance. These bodies are a way to make sure local requests are handled within capacity and with efficiency.

Pertaining to the situation in Pakistan the step of creating Local bodies can have many positive impacts. The people will no longer have to wait on raw requests or misleading assumptions. LG bodies will provide a platform for people to use this opportunity and ask for a better standard of living or socializing environments. Small scale calamity can be handled very easily without any delay of decision or power hindrance/manipulation. The question however still remains;

Who is responsible for bringing the change in the society? LG or people who elect the LG bodies?

As Lincoln pointed out that elections are the sole property of people, if people themselves choose to be burned they must accustom themselves with sitting on blisters. This is where the current situation of Pakistan presents itself. The local government bodies will definitely bring about changes for the well-being of the nation. The nation, however, owes it to choose a deserving and worthy candidate. LG is medium to end the ‘Sole authority or power holders’. The process of centralized decisions and one man show can be ended with this opportunity. What people need to understand is the fact that choosing the right person for the right job might actually result in solving most of the problems locally faced by Pakistanis at the moment.

With local bodies in a legal perspective, the money binding in Pakistan can be easily eliminated. The LG bodies will be able to bring about the right amount of money to fulfill the requirements and necessities faced by people in the current era. But with every good action the baggage of uncertainty strikes back. In this case, the striking back of thunder could be a result of misleading Local Government bodies or the choice of a wrong person for a highly responsible and prestigious job title.

Democracy is flavored for people of great thoughts, freedom, and enlightened souls. The responsibility is shared and collaborative, thus only awareness and lack of fear can help bring the changes desired by the common man of Pakistan.

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