What is the difference between Narendra Modi and Nawaz Sharif

Narendra Modi shaking hand with Nawaz Sharif on his oath ceremony.


Yumna Mahmood
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The complicated love-hate relationship between Nawaz and Modi is not much of a secret to the Pakistanis and Indians, both are sometimes seen as rivals, threatening and blaming each other, while on the other occasions they are also seen sharing love by cherishing and exchanging gifts with each other. Both of the Prime Ministers have got huge fame as well due to their not so good history they are also considered as much hated figures.

However, if we go through the fact and figures, Modi and Nawaz have also done quite efforts for their countries in business, infrastructure and technology; For instance, recently Narendra Modi launched Digital India program to provide better government support to citizen over improved online infrastructure, while Nawaz Sharif came up with the metro bus project for better transportation . Despite that, the poor health, education, poverty conditions of India and Pakistan equally shows the lack of their responsibilities.

Before jumping into the conclusion that who deserves the award of being better Prime Minister, let’s talk about the difference between Narendra Modi and Nawaz Sharif, and go through the failures and the achievements of their governments. Narendra Damodardas Modi became the prime minister of India on 26 May 2014, prior to that he was the chief minister of Gujarat (2001-2014), his past was linked to Hindu extremism, Narendra Modi is accused of mass-genocide of 2002 Gujarat riots, when thousands of the Muslims were murdered brutally, he therefore is also referred as a terrorist, but just after becoming the PM, Modi gained much popularity because of his efforts for India.

Modi improved the railway system, health facilities for poor, encouraged economic growth and entrepreneurship, dealt with power crisis, launched the soil health card scheme which provided enhanced farm productivity and income, he also initiated digital India program and much more. However, in other several spots Modi failed to play his role, his “make in India”, “Clean Ganga” and “small cities” programs promised a lot but they were not able to make progress, rape cases and attacks on religious institutes and churches have also raised which has made minorities insecure of his government, poverty is still one of the major issues of India.

On the other hand, Nawaz Sharif became the PM of Pakistan for the third time in June 2013, his past is also linked with much of the corruption, Nawaz Sharif with Shahbaz Sharif was accused of whitening black money during his first tenure. Sharif brothers also misused the official resources which caused the loss of Rs.620million to the national exchequer and much more. However, this time when Sharif became the Prime minister, he launched various new schemes and projects specifically in Punjab, his business loans, scholarships, laptop schemes, metro bus projects, are few of his influential programs, terrorist attacks are also reduced noticeably. Yet at the same time, the poor condition of education, health sector, corruption, power shortage, and less availability of jobs are few of his major failures.

72% of Indians are satisfied with the performance of Narendra Modi, while 70% of Pakistanis are satisfied with performance of Nawaz Sharif. Though, Modi is considered as a murderer and Hindu extremist, but his work for his homeland is quite impressive, the way he has gained popularity shows his achievement. However, the government of Nawaz Sharif somehow also managed to achieve some goals but primarily he failed when it comes to long term achievements, few of his projects might be beneficial today but they cannot assure for a better future of Pakistan, the poor condition of health, education, corruption, electricity and jobs are the main hurdles that Sharif failed to overcome.

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  1. “Before jumping into the conclusion that who deserves the award of being better Prime Minister….”

    Where is the conclusion?
    Who deservers the award according to you?

    1. Since I belive Sir that both of them have failed to satisfy their countries, only a specific group of people are satisfied with Nawaz Sharif and same in the case with Modi, therefore its obvious that that none of them fits on the Award of Best PM.

      1. I don’t think it is possible to satisfy every group of people in the country like INDIA..that in the span of 20 months.

        Still Modi achieved a lot.Out of all he created positive vibration.

        Note:I was not a fan of him I have become one after seeing his hard work.

        1. Sir, in the article I have clearly explained the positive moves of both Governments. However, I don’t feel any of them fits on the title of a better PM, as I said earlier. In order to be a capable leader one should satisfy a nation as a whole or at least the majority.

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