Say Hi to health and No to Coca-Cola and Pepsi

Say NO to soda
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Coke and Pepsi are the most popular brands in history. These drinks are loved by almost everyone around the world. The word Coca-Cola is considered to be amongst the most recognized words because everyone around the corner knows what it is. But the thing that people don’t know is that Coke, Pepsi or other carbonated beverages are a poison for human beings. They destroy human health. In majority of the countries, these drinks are more accessible than clean water.

Coca-Cola Company uses its propaganda to make everyone believe that it is environment friendly and do not have a bad effect on your health although the reality is that consumption of these soft drinks is directly linked to many diseases and water shortage.

It is observed that the people who use a lot of carbonized drinks have a higher risk of Heart attacks and Cardiac stroke as compared to people who do not frequently drink Coke, Pepsi or any other soft drink. The main side effect of drinking these beverages is the destruction of human metabolic system. They also cause lungs to damage leading to breathing disorders.

The harms of our all time favorite carbonized drinks also include Calcium loss in bones because the carbonation in the drinks effects the stomach and the stomach utilizes Calcium (antacid) from our blood to neutralize the carbonation effect. The blood as a result cannot stand Calcium insufficiency and takes up Calcium from bones to compensate this. This whole process results in weak bones formation.

Do you know: 1 Can of Coke/Day contains 140 Calories and 39 Grams of Sugar, which is equivalent to 10 teaspoons of Sugar. (Source: Built Lean)

Some other health problems with the consumption of these drinks arise due to the presence of Phosphoric acid in them. Although the mechanism is different but it also has the same effect on bones as Calcium and causes bones and muscle weakness.

One of the major health problems caused by these carbonated drinks besides bones weakness is Esophageal Cancer. This type of cancer was almost unknown to people about two generations ago. But now due to increase in consumption of these soft drinks, the chances of this type of cancer are increasing day by day. Because of the use of such drinks, the level of acids enhance in the body. A single glass of these drinks sends quite a large amount of acid into esophagus which results in mechanical damage of esophageal cells and ultimately leading to cancer.

These are some of the harmful effects of Coke, Pepsi and many other well known soft drinks which are consumed by all of us in daily routine. If you want to do a little research yourself, you will be amazed to find out the strength of these drinks. They are enough to remove rust spots or corrosion from any material.

Now as you have known a little more about your favorite drinks, it is advised to use it carefully and as minimum as possible. You should also guide other people about these killing effects because no one seems to know them. It is our responsibility to spread the right type of knowledge and information to our beloved ones in order to save them from such brutal results.

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