Patari: Pakistan’s largest music streaming platform

Patari Haftanama


Imran Hemani
3 minutes read

One of the utmost gap faced by the Pakistan’s Music industry was their failure to connect fans and bands. The Industry lacked a central online streaming platform that could provide a one-stop solution to all music-lovers, who actually seemed to have lost all hopes to see reinstate the industry. To end their woes, Patari, an online music streaming website aims to bridge the gap between the two. Patari aims to bring the Pakistan’s music industry on a single Web platform, accessible to everyone, encourage the new musicians to showcase and monetize their work, which seemed merely too difficult for them to achieve.

We all love music, don’t we? And when local music is under discussion, it just takes our hearts away. But the major problem faced was that the music was scattered all across without having any central online platform where all the bits and pieces can be combined together. The persistence of banning YouTube, rare occurrences of live concerts and low quality of music on the online media added to the hopelessness of the music-lovers. Patari aims to carefully carve their online existence, answering to all problems people had, and, at the same time providing state-of-art design that competes with other top music streaming platform. Where US and UK with Spotify and India with Saavn, an online streaming presence was desperately needed!

Pakistan’s music Industry is very vibrant and diverse – it practically has all the genres. All people needed, was access to anything they want to listen to, just at a single place. While creating an online music streaming platform like Patari, there are a number of challenges involved that could play a direct role in the success or failure of the initiative. Firstly, the presentation of the content on the website plays a vital function. Patari’s content management team has outshined this part of the challenge. The team has prepared more than 50 playlists that cuts across different genres and decades. It enables the listeners to prepare their playlist, share them and also make playlists based on the recommendation of the other listeners. Secondly, anyone who has been a part of pain-staking task of creating a web portal, would tell you the mere nitty-gritties of providing a seamless platform and at the same time providing the user experience that would force the user to visit the website again. Patari provides such sleek and simple design that makes the users just love it – providing them with the finest audio quality. Their search engine is just too fast and intelligent having creative features of how different people would actually spell different songs.

At a time where local music industry was near to its end, Patari comes up with a strong influence on all the music lovers – especially for those who have seen the peak of the industry and seemed hopeless to see the industry revive once again. Patari enables musicians to spread their work to a vast variety of audience, also monetize them. The unique selling point is their focus on the local music Industry, which itself is hugely diverse and vivacious. The platform is now available to public, which was an invite-only platform in their initial stages. In a country like Pakistan, Patari would surely prove to be a distinguished and every day must visit website for all people. It’s time to revive our Vibrantly-Vivacious music industry!

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