Update on Humsaya: A Step towards Peace

humsaya Pakistani Theatre festival


Gohar Latif
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Ajoka theatre team started their journey on 12th of September 2015 commencing from Wagah border to New Delhi. The motive was to create harmony between the theatres of both countries and indirectly spread PEACE between them. So, we have received news about the successful arrival of the Pakistan Ajoka theatre team in Delhi. The arrival was confirmed on Saturday 12th September for Humsaya theatre Peace Festival.

The festival of Humsaya theatre promoting “Peace” will start today with the opening ceremony and will be inaugurated with Ajoka’s iconic play, that is based on Baba Bulleh Shah, the Play’s name is Bulha, that is indirectly depicting the life of famous saint Bulleh Shah. The festival’s first event will be performed proudly by the Pakistani team at the Kamani Auditorium Delhi.

The inaugurating ceremony will be conducted by the Indian theatre and the event inauguration will be done by the Indian Union Culture Minister Mr. Mahesh Sharma. After the performance of “Bulha,” the team has played another theatre show called “Dara” but that will be on 15th September. The festival is also co-hosted by the Indian cultural organization Routes2Roots who will be demonstrating to welcome all the teams for startup events and will introduce the theme as well to the audience.

However, the Ajoka team has been quite enthusiastic about India’s heritage and has already visited Hazrat Nizam-ud-Din’s Shrine to put an end to the curiosity of the shrine of the great saint. At the shrine, there was an equal party that was performed by the locals of the shrines as well. The party included qawwali’s in front of the shrine and turned out in a great praise from the crowd present over there.

Earlier, the Indian cultural organization Routes2Roots gave a reception for the great Pakistani team of Ajoka. There is a lot of applause for the event already and media has created hype in the minds of people because they are expecting a good result from this Peace event. A large number of people are already entitled to join the show for today and Indian newspaper Times of India and Hindustan times have published reports on this very happening festival, because of which it has gained a lot of popularity and people are looking forward to a good ending of Humsaya theatre Peace Festival. With a hope of tranquility between relations of India and Pakistan, our artists are trying to spread a good vibe and this time the media plays a good role.

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