5 foreigners who loved and served Pakistan

Foreigners who loved and served Pakistan.


Imran Hemani
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Humanity, devotion and selflessness has no bounds. We all have heard the phrase at many instances, but few are the golden ones who stand out to paint the true picture of it. Pakistan is one of the lucky states to receive these services from the foreigners, belonging to various regions all across the globe. Be it in the fields of teaching, training, medicine or any field for that matter – these foreigners have served the country selflessly, portraying a lively example of dedication, devotion and humanity. We present a glimpse of five foreigners who have loved and served Pakistan in their finest way.

1. Dr Ruth Pfau

A magic healer – that’s exactly how the patients define her. Devoted 50 years of her life to the patients of Leprosy in Pakistan, Dr. Pfau created a lively example of humanity for everyone. She came to serve Pakistan from foreign land, when the country was drowned in the spread of Leprosy, to dedicate her entire life for the cause. Because of her selfless efforts, Pakistan was declared as the first Asian country to have controlled leprosy. Awarded Hilal-i-Imtiaz – she’s no less to be called as Mother-Teresa of Pakistan!

2. Władysław Turowicz

A story of a foreign-hero seldom heard – Turowicz, was one of the pioneers to help establish the Pakistan’s Air Force and drive its Space Program. An Aeronautical engineer by profession, Turowicz and his team made significant efforts and contributions to drive Pakistan’s missile/rocket program and push it to success. Due to the efforts of this devoted foreigner, Pakistan mastered the field of rocket/missile technology. Being awarded numerous honors, he left behind a legacy of love and dedication for others to follow.

3. Emmanuel Nicholas

A teacher is a nation’s hero; Nicholas, a foreigner from Sri Lanka, with a mission to educate the poor, served Pakistan in the noble field of teaching. Nicholas taught mathematics and science in Multan. Deep-rooted with a passion of teaching and educating the people, he devotedly served the country and gave away pearls of wisdom. Amongst his notable students was Yousuf Raza Gilani, who later became the Prime Minister of Pakistan. He was awarded with Tamgha-i-Imtiaz for his outstanding and remarkable services.

4. Annemarie Schimmel

Education doesn’t have any religious boundaries – a true example was set by Annemarie. A prominent Islamisict, scholar, literary figure, high-volume writer, authoress of more than 100 books and well-known figure in the works of translations of literary work from various languages to English and German. In her works for Pakistan, she is notoriously famous for her writings and speeches on Iqbal. This was the topic of most interest to her. She has paid various tributes to Iqbal and his inspirational poetry in many of her books. She was a strong exponent of Islam’s rich heritage and her contributions in Islamic culture and literature is well appreciated all across the globe, especially in Pakistan which she considered as her Second home.

5. Bob Woolmer

Who hasn’t heard about Bob Woolmer? A dedicated foreign cricket coach that helped Pakistani team enjoy numerous successful seasons throughout his time. Bob was an enthusiastic coach who worked in the best interest of the team to bring out the hidden talents in them. Though Bob Woolmer is no longer with us, but this man has set a true illustration of respect, devotion, management and team building. The whole Pakistani team and nation deeply respects the services offered by Bob Woolmer.

Pakistan certainly enjoys the respect, dedicated-services, and selflessness and love that foreigners show towards the country and its people. They set an example for all the people around us that physical boundaries never means anything where humanity and service is in consideration.

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