Why Muniba Mazari is an inspiration for every Pakistani?

Muniba Mazari


Jawaria Javed
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Muniba Mazari is an artist/painter, activist, and a writer. Apart from her tragic change of events after an accident that made her bound to the wheelchair, she is an optimist with a firm belief in life and its various colors. Muniba Mazari portrays the emotions and vibrant colors in her paintings that are mostly abstracts and depicts the expressions of humans and their thinking and dreams in the form of paintings. Her spirit and creativity have no limitations.

In fact, she takes the agony of spinal cord injury as a challenge and is more determined to struggle and to express her sentiments through her artwork. She became a Motivational Speaker, for the sake of transferring her liveliness to the less fortunate and others who can get inspired by the fact of her condition, but she is still a brave Pakistani who not only fought the battle within herself and put herself together strong enough to help others.

During her Bachelor career commencement in Fine Arts, she met a road accident which made her paraplegic. Despite the fact that she is bound and restricted from physical activities due to the disability, her soul and sense of imagination knows no limits. Indeed, she takes the anguish of spinal cord injury as a test and is more resolved to express her conclusions of thoughts through her work of art. As of now, Her Business goes by the name ‘Muniba’s Canvas‘ with the trademark ‘Let Your Walls Wear Colors’.

Your face is the mirror that reflects your soul, those who shine from within doesn't need a spotlight.

#Women of #Substance!

Muniba has written her own success story and made it colorful with her liveliness and never give up attitude towards life. She is a combination of media artist and has confidence in defining the ethnic gems of her locale in a conceptual way. Some of her work is simply abstract that portrays the people’s inside, their considerations, and dreams. Her artworks give the message of living and speaking to the genuine identity of an artist.

She has been quite a brilliant and eye opener with her speeches at TEDx Islamabad in 2014, and made people among the youth her fans, not just by her outstanding work but with her motivational thoughts but she is also spreading a message “NEVER GIVE UP”. People start to think how a person that has lost her legs can be so lively and this thinking is giving everyone a new chance to look at life with a totally different and open perspective. So she has now started her work again as an academic and content writer, but one day she noticed an advertisement about polio and children with disabilities.

This is when she realized that small hearts might not be as strong as hers and she decided to help them discover their true selves, outside from the boundaries of their physical disability. She decided to help them survive in their struggle and to make them write their own success story. Muniba Mazari broke the stereotype and a biased opinion in the society that people with disabilities are a liability; instead she is working hard to show them they are bright flowers.

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