What we can learn from other countries to solve energy crisis

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Imran Hemani
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Pakistan, one the most populous countries, faced the deadliest of heat waves coupled with energy crisis in the recent summer months. With death-toll rising above 1000, the numbers define the inadequacy of the government and the overall infrastructure to cope up with such disasters, particularly the Energy Crisis. The issue is being ranked as of more grave concern even than the rampant issues of sectarian violence, health care, corruption or unemployment.If we look at the pages of the past, even the developed countries are not safe from the disastrous impacts of extreme heat conditions; some being the most deadly, taking away thousands of lives. With the increase in global warming all across the world, Pakistan also faced the extreme of the weather blended with the energy crisis. Thou it is very sad to note the failed planning to survive with such problems, there are a number of things that could be learnt from other countries to solve the energy crisis.

Ever heard of Solar Roads? Well, Netherlands have just installed one. The most modern-day example from which Pakistan could learn is the Solar Road (Called SolaRoad project) that started recently in Netherlands. The roads use cheap mass produced solar panels that are sandwiched between the layers of concrete, glass and silicon rubber. The solar panels are connected to the smart meters that could feed electricity to the street lights or to the grid. Statistics show that these could produce enough energy to supply for small households. Similar project in Pakistan could surely be of great value!

Another most extraordinary example to learn from is the Denmark’s wind farms. As per the recent statistics, the country was not only able to meet the local energy demands, but also export the power to other countries like Germany and Sweden. Renewable energy is not only a phenomenon now; it is being given a reality shape by Denmark. Some great insights could be learnt by Pakistan to cope up with its current energy crisis in these times of earth’s climate change that could become worse and unbearable in the recent years to come.

Solar energy is the talk of the town. A number of countries are now using the unimaginable energy that the sun emits – and that too for FREE! The state of France passed a very interesting and handy law. All the commercial buildings have to abide by a certain criterion – the rooftops must be covered partially in either solar panels or plants. This fulfills a dual purpose; either they can generate electricity or reduce the energy demands. The green rooftops enfold a number of advantages – one of them being the reduction in the energy demands in the summer months as they filter out the air pollution, keep the place cooler and improve building’s efficiency. These measures could seriously reduce the cost and at the same time fulfill the increasing energy demands.

By looking at the present state of the on growing energy demands in Pakistan and at the same time viewing the total inefficiency of the institutions to handle the situation, taking these measures would help Pakistan cope up with the crisis to its fullest. The recent heat wave has shown a very clear picture. If we won’t learn from our mistakes and move forward with a plan, the upcoming years might prove to be deadlier and worst.

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