Shame on KU for hosting Ayyan Ali as Guest of Honor

Ayyan Ali


Yumna Mahmood
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On 20th August in University of Karachi, the University’s Department Of Public Administration invited Super model Ayyan Ali, A.K.A Dollar girl, as their guest of honor for the inauguration ceremony of ChipsNDips, ChipsNDips is a self-made brand by two young entrepreneurs Araib Khan & Abdullah Rizwan Sheikh, as both of them are the students of KU, both of the students invited Dollar girl for the publicity of their brand, Dollar girl also delivered a lecture while her stay in the university and was awarded by appreciation shield at the end of the ceremony, students seemed happy with the model, and also took bazillions of selfies, but just after this news hit on the social and electronic media, the criticism and rage of public was obviously extreme and the news went viral in no time. The reason is obvious, the purpose of Educational institutes is to teach students about the morals and ethics, it is the place where students should learn to differentiate between the right and wrong, but in Pakistan our institutes are teaching our young generation to support and respect the wrong.

Guest of Honor certificate

Guest of Honor certificate of Ayyan Ali in KU

Sadly we belong from a country where innocents don’t get the justice, while the culprits walk freely, and we even treat them with respect and honor, as Ayyan Ali was treated in one of our respectable institutes, to be honest that ceremony looked more like a support ceremony for Ayyan, during her speech she also indirectly delivered a message as a proof of her innocence and said to the students that “they should not create their perception about anything on the basis of rumors” now we all are very well familiar why she came up with that, obviously her money laundering case and stay in jail for 5 months. We also know how Ayyan was involved in criminal activities, but yet no one was able to bring anything antagonistic towards her and Ayyan got bailed out, and instead of protesting on that, our very well-known educational institute is inviting her as a guest of honor?

Ayyan Ali recieving Guest of Honor certificate

Everyone looks happy!

After much of the barrage of criticism, the Karachi University officials issued notices to the students involved in this act, saying that the institute is not responsible for this as the students didn’t get permission from the university management, now even if they didn’t permit the students for this ceremony yet such a big ceremony took place and the management didn’t bother to take notice at that instant, Ayyan Ali was Awarded and delivered lecture, where were the officials at that hour? (I hope not attending Ayyan’s lecture)

Similarly on one side the youth reacted aggressively on social media making “#AyanBaniUstani” and “University of Karachi” the tops trends of twitter, while on the other hand youth posed happily for selfies and was amused by the presence of the model girl at their institute, there is huge difference in what we do and what we say, hopefully the youngsters will learn to differentiate between the right and the wrong, and hopefully our educational institutes will learn their responsibly before we lose all of our values. Though I appreciate the motto of both young entrepreneurs, where they want to help the disabled people by the profit they will get from “ChipsNDips”, but the young boys should understand and learn that in order to start a good cause they should not do negative publicity work, it will certainly put their all good efforts in vain.

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