Chinese students rocked on the launch of Wedding Planit

Chinese Students


Imran Hemani
3 minutes read

With the introduction of the Startup Incubator program by PASHA, a number of brilliant and out-of-the-box ideas have popped up out of the youth’s inquisitive minds, Startups are the talk of the town in Pakistan these days. One of the creative startups, the Wedding Planit, recently held its official launch in Karachi showing up great enthusiasm and energy. The startup focuses on converting your existing stress-filled-wedding plans and preparations into a smooth tension-less planning with all the facilities and amenities that you desire. The Wedding Planit, as their vision speaks, organized a Dholki to celebrate the launch of their new product.

For establishing a more friendly and healthy relationship between Pakistan and China, the founders of The Wedding Planit came up with a very exciting idea. The students of Aiesec’s Chinese Cultural Exchange program were trained on dance moves to perform at the ceremony. Their performance at the Dholki can be described in three words – They Rocked It! Aiesec’s Cultural Exchange program, that encourages youth from to go on exchange programs to other countries so that an environment of socially consciousness is developed. The Chinese students from the mentioned program were invited to perform at the Dholki ceremony to give them a real taste of the weddings held in Pakistan. Their enthusiasm and interest showed that the relation between Pakistan and China have some remarkable powers.

Wedding ceremonies in Pakistan entails a whole bunch of tasks – with each task having its own level of stress. We all have heard it many a times that Weddings are supposed to be fun and simple; but anyone who has been through the task of managing a wedding would surely agree to the fact that it’s a process filled with colossal amount of stress and hassle. There isn’t a one-stop solution where you can find all the required facilities and amenities you want, plan your budget accordingly and move on doing it. The Wedding Planit aims to provide a complete one-stop solution to all your wedding plans – helping you with the Venues, Decors, Photographers and many other related features.

The team officially launched their new product last week in Karachi, where they went for a more creative and different way to celebrate their idea. Instead of going with the regular corporate-touch launch, they went with organizing something filled with dances, delectable food and full of amusement. They surely did justice to what their whole business idea revolves around. On top of that, the Chinese students added some more fun and entertainment to the night – the way they learnt and performed the dance moves was just incredible.

To strengthen the relationship between the two countries, the startup team added more flavor to the cultural exchange program for the students of China. This would surely allow them to learn about the traditions and culture. Pakistani people spend millions of rupees on the preparations of their weddings. Even after the expenditure of such huge amounts, the stress and the hassle never leaves your way. The Wedding Planit startup would surely be a great place to plan all your wedding plans, budget planning and moving forward to achieve them in a very smooth way.

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