Karachiites took Twitter by Storm for Rangers

Pakistan Rangers in Karachi
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The mystery of Saulat Mirza’s case, the accusations of Imran Farooq, the connection between RAW and MQM, and the recent raid at the party’s headquarter are the latest happenings inside MQM. Being a politically militant party they are accused of damaging the peace of the country, Karachi in particular. People across the country are protesting against MQM, even on social media. On twitter Karachiites are showing support for rangers and their operation against terrorism. The tweets below are enough to prove that people of Karachi stand with Pak rangers.

Avada Kedavraa! ‏@mydear_talal

I am a karachiite, a mohajir (if that’s what they call me) and I assure everyone that #KarachiStandsWithPakRangers

Mohsin Aziz ‏@M_Mohsin_Aziz

First time in years, I found Karachi ‘seriously hopeful’. The ‘whispers’ on the street radiate hope. The crux: #KarachiStandsWithPakRangers

Kath ‏‏@karachibuzz

Hats off.. Good effort to clean up khi. Cleaning dirty eggs will not kill the dirty frog. Stamp those kalAadum #KarachiStandsWithPakRangers

Hamza Ali Abbasi ‏@HamzaAbasiAli

Those who were supposed to bring peace have left #Pakistan and its people but Thank God Rangers r here 4 them #KarachiStandsWithPakRangers

Who are Muhajirs, and what is the connection between Muhajirs and MQM?

Let us take you back in the time of partition of 1947 that has brought a new aspect in the country, as Muslims who came from India and get settled in Karachi (which was the capital city at that time) were called Muhajirs. By the 70s a political backlash happened from PPP and PMLN which was then in full swing and many Mohajirs found they are unable to secure their political place. For a party that thought it had the right to govern at that time, it came as a great impact. And the first man to manipulate the people’s sense of grief was Altaf Hussain. This group of people was then represented by the Mohajir Qaumi Movement as in now it is known as the Muttahida Qaumi Movement or MQM. In 1988 the MQM’s candidates were the third largest in the National Assembly and the party has dominated Karachi politics ever since.

Altaf Hussain, the chief of the party lives in London but spiritually leads Pakistan’s most powerful and controversially militant political party MQM, which has unfortunately millions of supporters around the world. Interestingly the party’s blind supporters were never bothered about Altaf’s criminal record. Altaf Hussain was also been accused of provoking murders and violence in Pakistan and particularly in Karachi. It’s difficult to estimate the number of murder cases that has been registered against him, but perhaps the most accurate number was recorded in 2009 when the an ex-Army President General Pervez Musharraf carried out his National Reconciliation Order, giving Pakistani politicians an amnesty. The political party that gained most of the benefits was MQM; more than 72 cases were dropped, including 31 charges of murder. However, MQM rejects all the murder accusations lodged against Altaf Hussain.

The British police are currently running another MQM-related case. It concerns the murder of a senior party member, Imran Farooq, who was stabbed to death outside his home. Also according to Rangers, MQM Organizational committee is supporting its Militant wing. The ranger’s spokesman openly claimed the MQM Rabita Committee is behind the Militant wing and their operation is against every militant who is working in Karachi and this operation will continue till we have peace in the country. With these allegations, I wonder how one can trust MQM and their leadership. Karachi has seen enough violence by militants operating across the political spectrum and even sectarians exists in the city. Let’s break all stereotypes and support rangers to end the game of Bhaatha Maafia, lootmar, and target killing!

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