Places that prove Azad Kashmir is a real life fairy tale

Neelum valley


Benish Gulzar
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Pakistan has the world’s most delightful spots to visit, particularly located in northern ranges of Pakistan and Kashmir district. This piece of the nation is renowned all around the globe as high as mountains can be; lavish green valleys, powerful waterways, delightful lakes, and astonishing untamed life.

Azad Kashmir is the Pakistani-controlled part of Kashmir, lying west of Indian-controlled Jammu and Kashmir. Pleasant individuals and fruitful, green and grand mountain valleys are attributes of Azad Kashmir, making it a standout amongst the loveliest areas on the Subcontinent. While Kashmir all in all is without a doubt a standout amongst the most excellent areas on the planet, it’s too rich in common magnificence and regularly named “Paradise on Earth” by visitors for its picturesque characteristic excellence and shocking scenes. Its snow-secured crests, woodlands, streams, valleys, velvet green levels and atmosphere fluctuating from cold to tropical consolidate to make it an astounding and mainstream visitor destination both for residential and remote travelers as the year progressed.

The atmosphere of area fluctuates with elevation. The focal and northern parts as a precipitous range in the lesser Himalayas zone are exceptionally cool in winter with snowfall and direct in summer, while the southern parts have greatly hot climate in the late spring and just decently icy climate in the winter. It gets precipitation in both winters and summers.

There are some places that Prove “Azad Kashmir Is a Real Life Fairy Tale”

Neelum Valley

Neelum Valley
A place where there is blue waters, all-encompassing valleys and stunning greenery, home to God’s appearances of magnificence in nature is the Neelum Valley, one of Pakistan’s most captivating traveler destinations. The individuals who have set foot on this area call it paradise on earth.

To invest some energy far from the bubbling city warmth and get away from the packed slope stations, everything you need is some monetary support and a receptive outlook to wander past your safe place, and into the untouched.
This fantasy valley extends from around 50 km north of Muzaffarabad till the current Line of Control between Jammu Kashmir and Indian Kashmir. The valley is joined by a street that snakes nearby the Neelum River and finishes at the town of Taobat.

The valley includes various little town settlements, trekking trails, lakes, mountain passes and other one of a kind grand highlights which are spread everywhere throughout the valley. Most of the way along your excursion on the first day, you will arrive at Keran. Investigating this lovely town on the banks of the River Neelum is the nearest you may get to Indian Kashmir, which lies right over the stream. The riverbed here is slender, and you can see past the spouting floods of the stream to a fundamentally the same life on the other side: ladies sowing seeds in the fields, youngsters playing along the banks and amazingly comparable wooden houses amidst green fields.

The uncommon forte of the Neelum Valley lies in the mixture of encounters that it brings to the table. From dusty rough streets to lovely twisting treks, from great green fields to completely clear waterfalls, and from amazing outdoors grounds to all around keep up in facilities, Neelum Valley is a complete vacationer bundle for each one of the individuals who acknowledge nature taking care of business.

Banjosa Lake

Banjosa lake
Banjosa Lake is situated close to Rawalakot in Azad Kashmir. A simulated lake at an elevation of 1981 meters, an artificial area due to its lovely and stunning perspectives and fantastic greenhouse, is extremely well known visitor spot with enthusiastic trees and vivid blossoms. Encouraged with swings and slides the spot is a fascination for children too. Banjosa Lake is encompassed by mountains and lavish green greenhouse plentiful with blossoms and trees; this is an exceptionally lovely little lake.

Powers kept it extremely well and guests adore it, the thick timberland in the surroundings of the lake offer an exceptionally appealing perspective.

Banjosa Lake is a contamination free substance and a cooler spot of Rawalakot city. Summer encounters 15°c to 25°c temperature, while winter is exceptionally chilled; snow fall makes winter great frosty in the months of January and February, though rest of the year climate stays wonderful. Amid moon soon valley gets substantial rains in the month of August and September. Before fall season the area gets secured in the tints of first gold then reddish brown.

Captivation excellence of Banjosa, the manufactured Lake reflects in resting smooth water. Banjosa Lake is the main arranged vacationer resort in the region. Stay in close-by built rest houses in the surroundings of lake is a delightful experience. One can appreciate sailing and perusing a book or having an iPod while lounging around could be a smart thought.

Sculling in lake is accessible, guests particularly youngsters and ladies appreciate drifting in charming climate under the shade of tall pine trees. In winter because of snowfall sailing office is not advertised. Drifting charge for an individual is Rs.200 which can go high in summer season relying on interest.

Leepa Valley

Leepa Valley
This is the most entrancing valley in Azad Kashmir. A reasonable climate street branches off for Leepa from Naile 45 kilometers from Muzaffarabad, moves over Reshian Gali 3200 meters high and after that plummets to 1677 meters on the other side into the Leepa Valley. It spells limits to everybody who visits this valley. This valley stays open for the household voyagers just from May to November.

The Leepa Valley is viewed as beautiful by voyagers. It has high mountains secured with pine trees. All through the winter season the Leepa valley is secured with snow. From May to November, individuals from all over Pakistan come to visit. Transports run day by day in the middle of Muzaffarabad and Reshian. From Reshian the remaining 38 kilometers (24 mi) voyage can be secured just by jeep.
The valley is separated into the Reshian, Dao Khan, Leepa, and Chananian areas.

Ramkot Fort

Ramkot fort
The astonishing island post of Pakistan Picturesquely situated on the summit of slope and encompassed by pale blue water of River Jehlum, Ramkot Fort gives a superb perspective to voyagers. Notwithstanding its condition, the stronghold is an uncommon sample of the Muslim military building design of focal and southern Asia.

Ramkot Fort is manufactured over the site of an old Hindu Shiva sanctuary. After removal, relics from the 5th and 9th hundreds of years have been found close to one of the sanctuaries.
In the 16th and 17th hundreds of years, the Muslim leaders of Kashmir had manufactured various fortifications, one of which is Ramkot to shield the state from warriors.

The fortress is situated on the inverse side of the Mirpur town and one needs to cross Mangla Lake on watercraft to reach there. 10 minutes go by street from Mirpur prompts Sukhian and close-by armed force water games club from where vessels are accessible for access to Ramkot Fort. It takes 45 minutes to reach there. The spot can likewise be gone by from Mirpur through Dadyal-Siakh Road (77 km) however will need to take vessel’s ride for 10 to 15 minutes to reach there. Today the fortification ought to be as engaging as a Scottish palace. Then again, the circumstance on ground is not as much idealistic.

Ramkot Fort today feels like a habitation apparitions and the majority of its parts have rotted and are lost until the end of time. Despite the fact that the adventure to the fortress is tedious inferable from the absence of tourism offices, there is bounty to excite those with affection for nature and antiquated construction modeling. The riddle and grandness of this lovely structure is yet to be tapped as a visitor resort.

In a period when our nation is seeing a cruel reduction in residential and additionally outside tourism because of terrorism, locales like Ramkot Fort, which are situated in a generally serene region of the nation, need to be highlighted.
In 2009, the World Economic Forum’s travel and tourism aggressiveness report positioned Pakistan as one of the main 25 every penny traveler destinations for its reality legacy locales. Pakistan’s rich legacy is one that exceeds numerous nations of the world.

Toli Pir

Toli Pir
Toli Pir is a peak region arranged in Tehsil Rawalakot. Its inexact stature is around 8800 ft. above ocean level. It is around 30 km, or a 45-moment drive, from Rawalakot. Toli Pir is the most astounding bumpy area in the northeastern region of Rawalakot; it is the purpose of starting point of three diverse mountain edges. The visitor lay house while in transit to Toli Pir is additionally arranged in a beautiful area. There are a few remaining parts of an old mazar on the most elevated peak.
Toli Pir is most open amid the late spring months; the climate is by large wonderful yet gets to be colder from October through March. The territory’s characteristic excellence is grinding way’s crest from April to September.

Pir Chinasi

Pir Chanasi
In Pakistan, Muzaffarabad lays the most, no doubt, understood and the most astounding spot Pir Chinasi. The height of Muzaffarabad is around 2200 ft. from the ocean level where as the stature of Pir Chinasi is around 10,250 ft. It is essentially a Shrine of Saint of Greater Kashmir Hazrat Shah Hussain, eminent as the Kind of mountains, master of lions. Pir Cinasi is gotten from “Hindco” dialect which signifies “The Saint of the Summit”.

In light of its high rise it is considered as the most happy spot, as the mists more often than not continue meandering, with the goal that all can watch the live timestamps. It is an acclaimed traveler put in Muzaffarabad and is generally well known because of its ziyarat of a surely understood Saint Pir. To get a magnificent vision of Muzaffarabad visitor normally visit this spot. Pir Chinasi is around 30 km far from Muzaffarabad and it is associated with it through a metal topped street.

The perspective of Pir Chinasi is wild just stupendous, a perfect work of art of nature’s excellence. Vacationers from all over Pakistan affection to visit this spot because of its lavish green fields, grand climate and charming scenes. The spot and its connecting territories are secured in the backwoods of pine, and oak trees present satisfying summers and cool, blanketed winters to the sight diviners.

On the off chance that somebody wishes to visit this spot he ought to be arranged with his own particular outdoors outfit, as there’s not really any visitor house here. On the off chance that some person finds any visitor house it generally discovered full or close and if fortunately somebody discovers room there, then they are too exorbitant. So as opposed to procuring a room that is out of extent one ought to have its own outdoors hardware as it is exceptionally sensible and same time charming for the sightseers.

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